the body of my tulpa

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as a kid i would often make things first, then come up with stories to go with them. i dont have the original figure which was much smaller and birdlike, but when i made this one his energy moved like a hermit crab changing shells into the new body, which i've kept around ever since. it used to have plastic, a jaw and a face drawn onto it but i removed that due to some personal paranoia. this is basicly a case of me making a place for my tulpa to reside in, his name is warbeak, its mostly made outof wood and different kinds of industrial tape, although the hands and his right arm came from the armada unicron toy, some other parts of him are held together with hot glue and screws/bolts. heres some pictures:

and heres how he looks as an entity in my head, this drawing was done by my a frend for me based off a side profile i gave her for reference:

hope you like!

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