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The Glorious a̶r̶t lounge thread of Brassow


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Hm. Someone was complaining about a lack of art.

Enjoy my satirical photos.

So I present to you, Attack On Mistgod



Like I said before SATIRE. Maybe. I dunno. Just be glad I'm not bitching at you in post form.

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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Guest Anonymous

Why do I feel this is all some form of therapy for Brassow? Have things really been that bad?


And it is pretty awesome.

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LOL. It is the first time I laugh so much here.

[align=center]"For science! ... Maybe" - Makili, The Partial Time Tulapamancer

"I just want to sleep ..." - Irehi, The Broken Tulpa[/align]

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Guest Anonymous

The Glorious Mistgod Master Race is my favorite, of course. Melian is disappointed though, they are supposed to be "Melian's Minions." But she usually goes quiet when the drama/hate starts and just pouts in the background. So she doesn't get as much of the accolades.

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