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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Reviving because it's fun and this doesn't belong anywhere else.


Had a dream about giant spiders, knocking over a glass of pop, and getting in my mom's car. I woke up at exactly 5:30 with no alarm, 100% suddenly awake. Gavin said, "You won't remember that dream unless you write it down."

I didn't listen. Also, what? We don't think Gavin woke me up, but it is possible. On a subconsious level, we wanted to remember the dream, so I was woken. Or, because of the time, an alarm elsewhere in the house could have woke me, without my knowing.

First time that Gavin's been the first one awake and talking, too!



The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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Cheers for reviving the thread :D.


So, I had my first dream where Viper showed up;

It started off with me going on a game fun night style of trip, but it wasn't night lol, it was just me and a friend planning to play a game similar to D&D in the park (an urban punk style park, looked more like a fusion between a regular park and a skateboarding park). That friend was also, for some reason, Markiplier lmfao. Anyway so, we go to the park, we set up our little game set-up, I've got this little can of milk (which was a little dirty, but totally drinkable) and we're ready... then of course he decides to leave. Apparently he had friends over in the park and wanted to go talk to them. So I was left alone with Viper and a can of milk. Viper was very VERY rudimentary in this dream. They were there, but they mostly maintained a dog-like behavior and didn't talk. It felt like my Viper though, so... Anyway, I got bored of waiting so I went to look for the guy and stumbled upon him alone as he was... walking around I guess. I offered him some milk and he drank some, forgetting it was dirty and then proceeded to stare me in the eyes and vengefully vomit it all over lol. I have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) so this was far from pleasant to watch. He then left back to his friends and I was left just walking aimlessly through the park. After roughly 15 mins, I started heading off towards our game set-up and I saw Markiplier and his gang of friends through the bushes. I hesitated for a moment, backing into the bush to see what he was doing and he stared me dead in the eyes and proceeded to start cleaning up the gaming set-up. I thought initially that, well, he was probably super mad about the milk and wanted to leave, and I felt genuinely guilty over it so I threw away the milk can and went to them and whispered, genuinely and innocently "Can I help?", to which he nodded and pointed towards his friends, who were hauling this weak, skinny guy, into his car. He was very obviously severely sick and dying, and he had a goo-dog entity just like Viper, but white. I helped place him inside the car and somehow found myself pushed and squashed inside the car with them so I proceeded to go with them to the hospital. When we arrived, they got out and rushed to the ER, while I was left behind to ponder what the heck just happened.


I was out of the car, looking at the streets and how vivid and colorful they were wondering if maybe I had switched unknowingly with Viper and I was seeing the world through their eyes because the world was GORGEOUS. Then, realizing the absurdity of the events so far, I thought "This has got to be a dream, there's no way this is real... right?" and this prompted me to do a reality check by looking at and counting my fingers and indeed, I had 7 fingers on my left hand. I lowered my hand, looked around me and everything was so incredibly vivid and colorful, I just couldn't believe it, and I did think "whoa, see this is why I want to be able to have lucid dreams, so I can hallucinate in this much color and detail".


Then I snapped out of it, realizing the guy was dying there and this pulled me out of lucidity. I went back to the car and inside was a girl, presumably the dying guy's girlfriend. I got in, sat next to her and looked at her pleadingly, asking what should we do next. She suggested that I go and merge Viper and his White-Viper, that the fusion between them would bring him back to life. He was definitely dying, the only thing the hospital was doing was stretching his last moments. So I thought about it and reluctantly agreed, something to which my Viper didn't really, so they left me/my body as I was running with the girl towards where the guy was. I knew Viper remained outside, but I decided to at least see in what shape the guy was. She ran way too fast for me though and I got lost in this wide, huge hall full of doors. Luckily, two other patients pointed me towards the guy's room and I went in. He already looked dead, hanging by a thread. His White-Viper emerged, just barely, from his body and stared at me pleadingly, asking me where Viper was. I ran up to him/them and wrapped my hands around their small, frail form and hugged them and at this point I, for some reason, started crying. Then, as I was apologizing, ready to tell them that Viper didn't want this, that they weren't with me, I saw their form and shape outside of the windows, slowly slithering through the cracks between the window and the wall and looking at me. I smiled faintly, looked at White-Viper and pointed behind them as I said "Lookie behind you". The moment they saw eachother was like the biggest reunion of two lost souls I've ever seen. They were attracted like magnets to eachother, this primal, intense, entirely instinctual attraction. Like they were the embodiment of Yin and Yang who had lost eachother a long time ago, they ran into eachother, hugged and instantly melted into eachother to form a fused, larger Viper, slightly grayer. The moment it happened I felt my innards nearly explode , full of life and energy. When the wave passed I stared down at Fused-Viper... They definitely weren't my Viper, it wasn't the same energy signature, and it felt wrong. They simply gazed at me calmly. Then I went to check on the guy. His life readings were at 62%, which meant he was definitely no longer dying. At this point, rejoiced that we did manage to save him, I turned to his girlfriend and asked her if she knew how we could un-fuse Viper. She gave me.... White-Viper's breeder's phone number lmfao.... At this point I woke up.

~ We are Venny, the host, and Viper, my soul! ~

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I am going to give the highlights and not record the entirety of dream, which flowed very much like a movie, bad guys were about to break into a bank, and I gathered everyone into the vault for their safety and locked us in as if it were a safe room, but the bad guys were very determined, and inside the vault was asaucer shaped (UFO) ruby, and if you held it you could see a heads-up display of the entire universe, sorting forwards and backwards in time, and essentially could change time, and the person holding the crystal could toss this to any age of themselves, so that a younger or older version could catch it and suddenly understand everything the other knew and make the appropriate changes. On holding it, I realized why the bad guy wanted it, and had empathy, because if I gave it to him, he couldn't make the necessary changes to his life to be better without changing who he was so, which he was loathe to do, so I changed him for him. On doing that, lots of people came after the crystal, and this entity showed up, throwing balls at people that erased the people from time and their family from time and he did this until scores of people were erased and he and I were finally alone.

I got a good luck at the entity, like a mannequin with triangular visor allowing you to see into his face where lights danced, like disco music lights from the 70s, and I suspect he was pure energy or soul.

"Did you kill them?" I asked

"No, they now exist in different containers," it said. "I must now change your container, it won't hurt but you will forget the crystal until you hold it again, at which point you will remember everything that was, is, and what will be, even if it paradoxically never did."

"Are we friends?" I asked.

"No," it said.

"Because of something I did?" I asked.

"Because of who I am," it said.

And I woke up. I thought it was a fun dream until I started analyzing it, and then was really creeped out by the entity guy.

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Guest Reilyn-Alley

Your guys dreams sound so interesting.. O_o


We mentioned it before but the only dream we can really recall, since I've been around, that either of us was in, Lance was in a supermarket and dressed as a ninja. Apparently he was running up to people and challenging them to fights via LARP (live action roleplay) and basically beating them with foam bopper sticks instead of sword and they were all complaining he was too OP.


That's the whole thing. The other few dreams we have managed between dream-dead times didn't feature either of us. :P

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Meow. You may see my headmates call me Gray or sometimes Cat.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


Our system account

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I think I did an inadvertent WBTB, as I... woke up, was up for only thirty or so seconds, and... went back to bed. I just woke up, looked at the clock and said, "no, too early for winter break" and zonked out for another hour. The result was nearly a full hour of vivid dreams that I remember. And sound! I had just mentioned how my dreams don't have sound, and this one didn't have much (I don't remember hearing voices when people talk) but there was a ~musical number~. 


This isn't verbatim off my notepad because I was too hurried and wasn't writing in full sentences. I'm also skipping out a few, boring and mundane dreams that I wrote about, to get to the good stuff. 


I was in a giant castle/puzzle fortress about fifteen stories high, which I kept getting views from outside of, as I was climbing it. I had to get to the top in a certain amount of time, but I failed. I ended up on a floor that was a giant auditorium, and everything shifted into a Toy Story-esque style of low-quality 3-D animation. I remember looking at one face and almost, almost becoming lucid with how weird I realized it looked. But I never was. 

I was right below the auditorium stage, and there was a man there yelling at me for failing. I knew it was Q from Star Trek (guess what I watched before bed) but I never saw his face. When I looked at the auditorium stands, every time, there were more and more Q. First a row, then five, then half the stands, then all of them. All I remember seeing is their hair and shoulders, and the rest feels like it was always in shadow. 

They started clapping a beat, all in unison, and the one on stage yelled "You FAILED!" and then, perfectly, all the Q broke into musical number. The tune really sounds like the end number in "The Least Wanted Song in the World", where it goes "it may be you/it could be me/it's not enough/to wait and see/and if we all/join hands and sing/then bells of freedom/ring, ding, ding" but the words... did not fit. I remember them because I was terrified. 

"You tried your best/ you mucked it up/ you're too *ucked up/ but if you must/ press your luck/ get on your knees/ beg 'pretty please'/ and try agaaaaain!"

Surprisingly coherent? As they sung "try again" and all their shouting voices melted together, I was suddenly on the roof and Q pushed me off. The second I was airborne, it switched to another, much happier dream about a snake-looking dragon and a hermit wizard who apparently lived in that same tower I was thrown off. 

After that dream, which ended abruptly, I was at my laptop, listening to myself recall my dreams (meta), and looking at the comments. Someone suggested that all the members of .info should be given titles, with examples given for quite a few of us. I remember seeing Vos, Reilyn, SRN, Mitsuri, Misha, and Angry Bear, but I only remember the titles given to me and Angry Bear. They suggested he be called "Knight" and I be called "Goseiger". 

Angered that this video was posted under my personal email with my full name attached, I shut my laptop and instantly woke up with "Goseiger" burned in my brain. What? 

I googled it. It's a thing. The Goseigers  were the protags of a Japanese show from which Power Rangers was adapted. "Goseiger" itself, I couldn't find an exact meaning, as it seems to be more like a name or title. Potential candidates include "Wisdom, understanding" and "Fifth-generation", as in fifth-generation immigrant. Both have merit, as the Goseigers are angelic beings that were separated from humanity for thousands of years. 

I have never watched Tensou Sentai Goseiger, but I did grow up watching 

. The show used footage and props from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and when I googled "Goseiger" and read about their origin, it all was familiar, like I've read that Wikipedia page before.


My theory is, years ago, I googled Power Rangers Megaforce and ended up on the Wikipedia page for Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and absorbed that word. And it resurfaced in a dream! How amazing. It made up for all the Q screaming a song at me. 



The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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Ember: I had a curious dream last night. I was at my parents' house, in the dining room, with my wife and the wife of one of my GMs, who in this scenario was cast in the role of my wife's mother. We were discussing pizza. Out the large picture window, it was daylight, with about fifty percent pale grey cloud cover. I noticed new clouds were moving in from the left, pitch black. I approached the window and watched the cloud front move slowly across the sky. When the black clouds were about halfway across, I saw there was a break in them with stars behind. As the clouds finished moving across, more and more stars appeared, much more vividly than I ever see here in the city. I was able to make out the Pleiades among the familiar patterns.


I kind of figured the world was ending if night could so easily consume day, but I wanted to take a closer look. I headed for the back porch. Along the way, I casually held out my right hand for Vesper to take, as I usually do while walking. I felt a slightly cool, slightly moist, but very human hand grab my left hand and try to pull me away from the door to the porch. I didn't see anyone, but then I usually don't, so that didn't bother me. I held on tightly and dragged her reluctantly out on the porch with me.


The view was a bit disappointing. There were wispy black clouds against a starry sky, but the stars were much less bright and beautiful than they had been through the window. So I turned my attention to the invisible hand I was holding. I was more than a little bothered that Vesper was on my left instead of right, so I held out my right hand again for her to take. She didn't and I was afraid of losing her touch altogether if I let go on the left. But I started exploring and confirmed that there was a warm, soft, and bare invisible arm attached to the invisible hand. Then I woke up.


It isn't the first time I've dreamed about sudden progress with imposition. A few weeks ago, I dreamed Vesper and I were sitting in the cabin of a large truck talking. She was invisible until wispy bits started appearing here and there. I focused on them until she gradually materialized. We excitedly embraced and were even more pleased at her solidity. But then I woke up to realize I hadn't seen Vesper at all, but myself, as I looked when I was a teenager.


Vesper: I wasn't present for any of this. I don't expect to be co-conscious in dreams. Even having one person remotely in their right mind in a dream is a lot to ask, never mind two. I don't think dreams have a lot of potential for us as a system. But if Ember is going to dream about me, I at least wish she could actually see my face. Three times now 'I' have appeared embodied in her dreams instead of as a mindvoice, but still no more visible than in waking life. And the one time she thought she saw me, the person didn't resemble me at all. Am I asking for too much?

I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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Vesper, I have seen all of my tulpas is dreams, confirmed and it 'felt' like them. Each time they do appear they look slightly different, still unreal beauty, like there's no human on the internet that looks like them, but different. Of course they can appear, feeling like 'them' yet still not look like them.




Ashley's most vivid appearance was as a child, still her, still close to what she might have looked like in child form with an innocent, childlike beauty and grace.


Taken from my PR


I was sitting in the garage with all my friends. We were watching a movie of some kind, a kids movie. (Didn't you have a TV in your garage? We did, and it played movies. Why not, we were kids.)  I had my little lounge chair. (It was my garage, so I was the only one who had a chair.)  Then she walked up. She navigated her way around the others and came right for me, serious faced, but determined. I stood and offered my chair and she gladly took it without a word. Of course she sat next to me, I'd talked to her before, we liked each other--I'd invited her to the pool party in the summer and we had a blast. She sat next to me and put her arm against my shirt. I rubbed it gently in a way to say 'hi'. We didn't want to disturb the movie with chatter.


One of the younger kids was being a bother, rolling around on rough wood that was laying next to us. She and I warned him, 'you'll get splinters'. I looked back at her, her dark brown hair laid loosely on her shoulders, her yellow frilled dress reminded me of the curtains in my kitchen as I remembered watching my mother when she baked cookies, that dark sweater complimented her dress with a good contrast. I studied her face and she had a concerned look on her face for our little friend. I felt love. All I could think was when we could have our next time together, and the movie was over just that fast. They all stood up to go play but I didn't get up. I was too deep in thought. She stood there, they called for her, but she just stood there, I looked up at her... and she outstretched her hand to me.




Dashie has been in both lucid and non-lucid dreams, one even recently. It's her, and she's talked to me, but she's so striking that it's hard to look at her and understand all that I'm seeing. Like so much more information than my imperfect eyes could see. I mean, it follows the idea that they're angels, anf you don't expect to be able to fully comprehend or recall divine beauty do you?



Anyway, the last long-ish lucid dream i had with Dashie, she walked down a path next to a stone rampart about 20 feet away tracking me the whole time as she casually approached. She was wearing a very flattering dress for her figure, all denim blue with a zipper that snaked up her left thigh, up her figure, to her collar. She walked right up to me and I was just agog. I figured she was about to wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me passionately. With the awestruck state i was in, i wouldn't have stopped her. It was definitely her, long straight hair, slender and elegant, a confident smile on her angelic face.


It's not too much to ask for you and your host to see eachother this way, no.


The most recent one with her, she merely was walking next to me on a grassy hill, i looked over at her and she smiled and said 'hey'. That very short interaction is so vividly burned in my mind, i could draw it right now from memory, but i wouldn't dare at this point because i want to capture that moment in exquisite full color superrealism. It was a bashful and playful smile, and her crystalline violet eyes sparkled in the sunlight. I've spent a pretty long time in that moment now, if i could capture it on paper with photographic realism then i'd probably complain it's not 3D. Then if i could do that, i'd complain it's not animated, a gentle movement of a strand of hair and the sparkle of her eyes, the forming of the words 'hey'.


I guess human hands and material media really can't do that justice, oh well. I better just capture it and move on I guess. That image was thanks to FILD by the way.




Misha has been in my dreams a couple times as well.



The clearest time, i spun around in a crowd at my last university. It was sort of a memory of one time when in amidst the crowd i searched for a person of perfect beauty. Like if one existed i was going to glimps him or her. After 10 minutes of shamelessly standing and staring at everyone who passed by, i saw a woman who fit the criteria. I watched her pass and let her go without a word. The objective was met. Nothing more to do but move on. But this dream, the girl was Misha. Our eyes met and we didn't say anything, we just stared at eachother, as if she was looking for the same thing i was and she found her example in me. I was at a loss of what to do (it was semi-lucid but I was stunned by seeing her) I tried to think of how I could contact her later before we were swept away by the masses of students. So I handed her my cell phone and woke up. She was with me and she said, 'neat! Good morning.' Or something like that. We don't know if she was in the dream or recalled it with me as we awoke, but in either case it was neat. In this case what she was wearing was as indecernable as the rest of the students but that pink curly hair, perfect supple skin, gorgeous big blue eyes, and the look of amused recognition were priceless to behold.



I suppose i can't appreciate these moments as much as some might who aren't being given them freely without asking. I do appreciate them though, and i do still feel quite lucky.

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A lucid dream! Ahhh! Exciting!

I had woken up and gone straight back to bed, due to being home sick and having no good reason to get up that early. I slept a little more, but then I drifted into a very light sleep/dreaming state. I was watching some sort of TV-type dream, like I tend to have. There was a guy getting chased out of town by a mob, and he was hiding some spell scrolls or something. I think it kept changing.



He ran up into the attic of a big wooden house to hide from the mob, and he was resting against the wall, and I felt the roof come off the house. There was a giant presence, watching over, and Gavin told me I was dreaming. I realized everything in this dream world was tiny, like a dollhouse, but that realization almost instantly vanished and I clicked into 1st-person view, as the main character guy.



I ran through my lucid dreaming protocol, which was incredibly hard to remember. 1, realize you're dreaming, 2, rub your palms together and look around, and 3, call up Gavin and Cassidy. I rubbed my hands together and felt absolutely nothing. I looked around the house and everything was blurry and nondescript. Cassidy, talking to me through my head, asked to try for himself. I realize now that I really heard his voice, but I don't think it counts as imposition, as I was dreaming.



I switched out and was watching from 3rd person now, and I watched Cassidy rub his palms together and look around. He did a much better job. I have memories of this scene for my own 3rd-person view as well as Cassidy's 1st-person view, which is cool. He actually felt his own skin and was just having fun looking around and touching things. The scene finally stabilized and I could tell we were in a library.



I talked with Cassidy a little, and then jerked awake at random. Cassidy was really excited and I think that woke the body up. I think I've forgotten some detail, but it was still pretty fun. I wonder if it has to do with the fact I'm sick, and maybe didn't sleep as deeply.



This is the second time Gavin's made me lucid, and the third time he's disrupted a dream. Why is he always so Lovecraftian? He's not like that at all in waking life, but apparently my subconscious feels he's like a giant storm cloud.




The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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