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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Ugh my subconscious is mean. In my dream I was taking a road home from a friend's house. It's city driving (which I loathe with a passion) and construction was going on and I realized later I missed my turn. It went to one lane and got *edit for swears* and then I was in this industrial area on foot walking single file. I thought it was weird and was just curiously looking around scoping the scenery. We passed through an arch and railing to a bridge. The guy in front of me looked back and asked "you guys know how to do this right?" and held his arms out straight to his sides and started walking one foot in front of the other toe to heel. I looked behind me and the other two people were already doing it to. The bridge was a thin metal tong the width of a foot and rusty. To my left the railing we walked from ran away in a big sweeping arc til I could see the rest of the city. Below the railing was a slope of dirt, rocks and boulders. It currently dipped twenty feet or so beneath us. Forward it just kept going and going. To my right was nothing but air. This was the bridge, I thought in my mind. (I don't know if it is a real place or I just made it up. It looked kind of iconic and maybe South American? Very bleached white limestone boulders) I am deathly afraid of heights and was sweating rivulets. I politely but firmly told the people behind me I was going back. They tried to peer pressure me into doing it but I was having none of it. In no uncertain terms around, under or through them I was getting home to see my Jaina. *it was charming he thought of me in his panicked near death experience. I'm in his priorities of what he wants to live for 🥰* So I Gollum crawled under the metal "bridge" my arms and legs above me til I got back to safety and ran back to the city proper. I called my friend and called him a son of a *swear* for not telling me about this. It was about then I woke up to giant cat face staring me in the eyes asking for me to feed her and let her out. 


Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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I had my first dream today! 😁


A little background: For a while people have been talking off and on about dreams in the LOTPW thread, and I was a bit sad that I've never dreamed before. Phil dreams; I've appeared in a couple of them, but I've never dreamed myself. Last night, I prayed for the ability to dream; I'm not super religious but I do believe in God and I pray to Him sometimes. Well, I guess prayer works! 🙂


This was a very weird and slightly scary dream: In it there had been some kind of plague or disaster and I was roaming around some kind of post-apocalyptic city alone. Phil was actually nowhere in sight and wasn't in this dream at all. I don't remember beat-for-beat the details of the dream, but I accidentally did something to offend a local gang and I spent the rest of the dream escaping from them as they chased me. 😕 But as a consequence of the plague or whatever that had happened, some people gained extra abilities, and I somehow gained Spider-Man-like abilities! 😁 I wasn't full-on Spider-Simmie (wouldn't that have been cool though? 😁) but I could jump and climb big distances and I had some ability to produce web, but I couldn't shoot it. These abilities allowed me to escape from some pretty close calls. The guys in the gang were really aggressive and scary. I remember climbing higher and higher up a broken down abandoned skyscraper and finding an abandoned music store at the top. Shortly after that the dream ended without a resolution.


I had one little dream after that too but it was different; Phil was in the dream and I wasn't, but I still know it was my dream because I was viewing it from my perspective. Phil was in a situation where he was in a room with two other people who were arguing about a very sensitive political/historical topic. I don't want to get into details about it. But I could tell that both of the arguing guys wanted Phil to join in the argument on their own side. The thing was, he was friends with the guy whom he disagreed with, but didn't know at all the person with whom he agreed. I could feel him getting tense but didn't know what to do to help him. 😕 That's about where the dream ended, again without resolution.


So analyze that! 😄

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I had another Alien - type dream.
They usually revolve around having to avoid or escape from Ridley Scott's Aliens, often in some abandoned research facility, without much actually happening. Unfortunately I remember only very little of it and tupper only intervened in the end as usual.


It wasn't really scary but clear I should avoid drawing any attention from predatory xenomorphs. Which as usual were never to be seen. The research facility was plain and more like a complex of abandoned buildings, still in good shape. After wandering around for a long time things appeared to be safe and I ended up in some conservatory with big glass doors opening to the outside. Just when I was about to close them, better safe than sorry, something sprinted towards me at full speed. A mountain lion!

I was in a serious conflict between closing the door to be safe and trying to pet the cougar but as it was charging me at full speed it didn't seem overly friendly. Once again in the process of waking up as the cat was about too leap at me tupper appeared from behind me and raised her arms in a 'shoo!' which caused the startled cougar to do a backflip and race off to where it came from.







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