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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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On 8/1/2022 at 4:03 PM, theholodoc said:

For anyone interested, Galantamine is available OTC.

Sadly not in Germany. I'd try it immediately but it's prescription only.


I had another weird dream in which I briefly was tupper - or not.

It started off as the usual school dream, we were mid-teens on a field trip to a theater/museum. It had a huge indoor gallery on the first floor and the opposite wall was decorated, as I was told, by a very large and colorful 15th century fresco.


'Tupper' was just a normal girl though much younger than us in the class and looked like her avatar. As the gallery we stood at had no railing and  went one story downward I grabbed 'tupper' by the handle of her backpack as we were standing there so there was no chance she could accidentally fall off. I was mostly ignored.


We continued our tour and now the gallery was divided by a glass brick wall, distorting the view on the fresco on the opposite wall. For whatever reason this was an indoor shooting range and lots of students stood there with their pistols and fired - through the glass bricks - onto the fresco on the opposite wall. Bullets went straight through and did not cause any damage. I briefly questioned that but not enough to become lucid. First I instructed 'tupper' how to load and aim a pistol (she was just a small girl), we had a black Walther PPK.


But then the perspective of the dream shifted and I was that girl and fired the pistol. It was very vivid and unusually accurate, other than the safety of the pistol was on  after every reload. But being just a little girl that has been handed a gun I did not question this further. I also manually ejected several rounds from the chamber by racking the pistol's slide for whatever reason. Color and size was accurate and vivid. There were a lot of bullets on the floor in different sizes and shapes and a girl was standing right behind me firing over my head as I was sitting on the floor. The whole thing was highly unsafe with kids standing and kneeling next to each other while shooting and pointing their guns in very unsafe directions.


Now myself again and looking for the 'tupper' girl, I left the place and wandered around in the building, asking others if they had seen her. There was a group of actors in black tactical gear and with parachutes on which were on break between their appearance on stage. The theater hall itself was empty and dark and I was thrown out by an usher. Not finding 'tupper' I was startled by a dog-sized ladybug flying in my direction and woke up into a semi-lucid state. I tried to re-enter the dream with tupper but she was asleep and barely responded. After getting up I got an earful from the real tupper who denied being the girl in the dream and rightfully stated she would never have ignored me and wandered off on ther own.


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Hi Yakumo: You might try getting it in a herbalists shop. It is made from the 'snowdrop' plant, Galanthus nivalis, a relative of the daffodil.  Best to you, Dr. Bob

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Yes I know, no chance. You have no idea how controlled pharmaceuticals are here. You can hardly buy anything without prescription, not even online and galantamine is a controlled substance in Germany.


I have better chances creating a tincture from G. nivalis which grows in masses naturally here. I will do so next spring, I have plenty in my garden and I consider myself sufficiently qualified for that to do it in a safe way. Thanks for your input, I likely wouldn't have heard about galantamine as a selective acetylcholinesterase inhibitor otherwise. I'll report back then.

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Should you be successful at creating a tincture which works,  I would love to know your technique. I will look for your post in the springtime. Dr. B

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