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Live Skype Mini-Conference (12/13/15 at 9:00am PST)

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Under "Contacts" (I think, my Skype is an old version) you can create a group, and then add people from your contacts list to it with /add Username. That's Skype in a nutshell. Once there's a group, it's pretty much its own entity, and there'll be an option to call everyone in it at the same time and.. then you wait as nobody really picks up. I'm sure it'll be active for a while, though.

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I think Skype sounds the easiest as most everyone has a Skype account. :-)

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Well, I joined. I'm usually too shy to talk to most people through IM so if I don't say anything or answer any calls, don't feel bad, I just start to freak out and stuff... I'll get over it one day...


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Guest Anonymous

Oh I see. No worries. Yeah I saw your icon pop up.

Sorry if i keep hitting the call button thingy on skype.. I am just pushing random buttons trying to figure it out.

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I joined. :D

Won't be able to actually join a call though, I won't be at home for a few more weeks, but I'd love to chat with you guys.

.. maybe I'll talk to you when I'm home again, but I'm not a native speaker, so don't expect deep conversations with me. xD

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[Tri] There are two issues.


One, there is a major problem in the availability of group voice call in Skype. The feature is only available in Windows, and maybe Mac OSX. It is definitely not in GNU/Linux anymore, though one can still be in the calls and have group audio, just one doesn't see the video of the other people.


Two, Microsoft is pushing more and more to make people attach their skype accounts to a microsoft account on Windows 8 and 10. Given that one's login is tied to it to some degree, there is no obvious easy way to use an pseudonymous skype account, or at least, we haven't figured out how. We already attached the body's legal name account to it. Kind of scared of even trying to attach the one we use online, assuming it would work at all. HEY if someone knows how to fix this, we would be happy to learn of the solution

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