Forcing in Wonderland and Music

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I've lately been experimenting with something interesting: Playing background music IRL and then heading into Wonderland. The music does often impact what happens there, and we have seen some interesting examples. For instance, while listening to Two Steps from Hell, I fell into a pit and was brutally impaled by some conveniently placed spikes. Other time I was listening to some tame meditation music, and the weather altered itself to fit with the song(It began snowing. Considering before that it was acid rain, that was a relief.).

So my question to you peeps, is (If you listen to music while in your wonderland):

  • Is the atmosphere and mood determined by the music ou are listening to?
  • What genre of music do you usually listen to while in your wonder space?
  • Do you usually listen to meditation music while in your wonder closet?
  • While there, do you seek to relax with your tulpa, or be more active?

(Note: I searched through the forums for any thread correlating music and tulpa, but found nothing, if a similar thread to this existed, please feel free to link it. Thanks for reading, and stay away from pits with spikes.)

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I don't use a wonderland but music has a pretty similiar effect on regular dreams. I like to listen to dark ambient, it get's me all sleepy in the first place and has a lot of noises, which can impact the dream in a lot of ways. When I listen to music with Alice it is mostly for a relaxing effect, where I still would use something similiar to dark ambient. Loud and fast music is distracting, unless Alice feels like singing.

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When I listen to music it just plays on a radio in my house in the wonderland. It's pretty interesting when I play the actual radio and do that. It doesn't really have any affect on the wonderland itself. I usually either listen to hip hop and r&b, or video game or anime BGM. My tulpa seems to like what I like.

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Troy: The music Fade or Najere (who is arrogantly considering himself our "DJ") decide to play usually only affect what the monitors of the supercomputer we have in the mindscape display. And the general mood of those in here, I suppose. We do not all like the same things, and it gets grating when you hear "Megalovania" for the hundredth time. Najere.

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Hey, I'm not the only one who does this. Neat.


Music sometimes is the only thing that'll get me to concentrate to be able to go into my wonderland. I have certain songs associated with certain places, so when I hear them, my brain just kind of clicks and I go there.


I also use songs in my paracosms. And by paracosm, I mean a wonderland-type world with people in it-- just not my tulpas and me. I watch over the paracosm-- it's sort of like a movie in my head. I kind of play God and help steer my characters in the right direction, then I take their stories and write them down. For the most part the events unfold on their own. They're sentient tulpas I've never met. Kinda weird.


ANYWAY-- I digress. I use songs in those paracosm worlds and associate them with events. For instance, I might have associated song X when characters Y and Z first met. By listening to that song, I can pull up that exact scene in time and experience it all over again-- perhaps recall some dialogue I forgot or details I might have glanced over. And most often, add to the event itself.


I realize all that may be a little strange, but it's one of the main methods I use in forcing. It's worked really well for me, so I thought some others might want to give a whirl.


(Oh, and interesting note. The genre/mood of the song does affect the wonderland. Which kind of sucks for me because I mostly listen to jazz, and most of the songs I like have kind of chill vibes to them. So somehow my wonderland has caused me to expand my repertoire and go beyond what I'd normally listen to, if the song sparks something in me. Which is why I have Nickelback on my playlist. Don't judge.)


TL;DR totally do this all the time. it helps me recall places/events.

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