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Ban the person above you!

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Guest Anonymous

And a tranbibulatory destructurization matrix is nothing you guys would understand.  So I won't bother to explain it.


Banned for scientifical computer jargon Melian can't understand.

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Explaining hash functions is my specialty! Or at least, I'd like to think it is. It's possible everyone just says they understand after I explain even though they don't.


Anyway, a hash is a algorithm that takes in any bit of data, like a webpage or a PDF file or the string "jean-luc is awesome", and mixes it all up and around and recombobulates it with itself to produce a bit of gibberish, but most importantly it's always the same bit of gibberish as long as the input is the same.


So for example "jean-luc is awesome" results in d737c01bea9a5459bfa3d5c8c53d59a2


However, if you change input even a tiny bit, it completely changes the result (called the hash)

"jean-luc is awesome"  -> d737c01bea9a5459bfa3d5c8c53d59a2   (same as above)
"Jean-luc is awesome"  -> 73d544ec318b5182caf9b5ab3c01ea17   (capitalized)
"Jean-luc is awesome." -> d8cc313d3bd840a4178d8b8dce280337   (with a period)


An important property of a good hashing algorithm like MD5, is that it is impossible to reverse the process except by trying every possible input. That means if I give you a hash, like a6a791a20d8e0ee089146d720821835e, the only way to figure out what I put in originally is to try everything, sortof like




"a" -> 0cc175b9c0f1b6a831c399e269772661
"b" -> 92eb5ffee6ae2fec3ad71c777531578f
"c" -> 4a8a08f09d37b73795649038408b5f33
"d" -> 8277e0910d750195b448797616e091ad
"e" -> e1671797c52e15f763380b45e841ec32
"f" -> 8fa14cdd754f91cc6554c9e71929cce7
"g" -> b2f5ff47436671b6e533d8dc3614845d
"h" -> 2510c39011c5be704182423e3a695e91
"i" -> 865c0c0b4ab0e063e5caa3387c1a8741
"j" -> 363b122c528f54df4a0446b6bab05515
"k" -> 8ce4b16b22b58894aa86c421e8759df3
"l" -> 2db95e8e1a9267b7a1188556b2013b33
"m" -> 6f8f57715090da2632453988d9a1501b
"n" -> 7b8b965ad4bca0e41ab51de7b31363a1
"o" -> d95679752134a2d9eb61dbd7b91c4bcc
"p" -> 83878c91171338902e0fe0fb97a8c47a
"q" -> 7694f4a66316e53c8cdd9d9954bd611d
"r" -> 4b43b0aee35624cd95b910189b3dc231
"s" -> 03c7c0ace395d80182db07ae2c30f034
"t" -> e358efa489f58062f10dd7316b65649e
"u" -> 7b774effe4a349c6dd82ad4f4f21d34c
"v" -> 9e3669d19b675bd57058fd4664205d2a
"w" -> f1290186a5d0b1ceab27f4e77c0c5d68
"x" -> 9dd4e461268c8034f5c8564e155c67a6
"y" -> 415290769594460e2e485922904f345d
"z" -> fbade9e36a3f36d3d676c1b808451dd7
"A" -> 7fc56270e7a70fa81a5935b72eacbe29
"B" -> 9d5ed678fe57bcca610140957afab571
"C" -> 0d61f8370cad1d412f80b84d143e1257
"D" -> f623e75af30e62bbd73d6df5b50bb7b5
"E" -> 3a3ea00cfc35332cedf6e5e9a32e94da
"F" -> 800618943025315f869e4e1f09471012
"G" -> dfcf28d0734569a6a693bc8194de62bf
"H" -> c1d9f50f86825a1a2302ec2449c17196
"I" -> dd7536794b63bf90eccfd37f9b147d7f
"?" -> d1457b72c3fb323a2671125aef3eab5d
"!" -> 9033e0e305f247c0c3c80d0c7848c8b3
"@" -> 518ed29525738cebdac49c49e60ea9d3
"#" -> 01abfc750a0c942167651c40d088531d
"$" -> c3e97dd6e97fb5125688c97f36720cbe
"%" -> 0bcef9c45bd8a48eda1b26eb0c61c869
"^" -> 7e6a2afe551e067a75fafacf47a6d981
"&" -> 6cff047854f19ac2aa52aac51bf3af4a
"*" -> 3389dae361af79b04c9c8e7057f60cc6
"(" -> 84c40473414caf2ed4a7b1283e48bbf4
")" -> 9371d7a2e3ae86a00aab4771e39d255d
"_" -> b14a7b8059d9c055954c92674ce60032
"-" -> 336d5ebc5436534e61d16e63ddfca327
"=" -> 43ec3e5dee6e706af7766fffea512721
"+" -> 26b17225b626fb9238849fd60eabdf60
"|" -> b99834bc19bbad24580b3adfa04fb947
"aa" -> 4124bc0a9335c27f086f24ba207a4912
"ab" -> 187ef4436122d1cc2f40dc2b92f0eba0
"ac" -> e2075474294983e013ee4dd2201c7a73
"ad" -> 523af537946b79c4f8369ed39ba78605
"ae" -> b6bb43df4525b928a105fb5741bddbea
"af" -> f0357a3f154bc2ffe2bff55055457068
"ag" -> 4e42f7dd43ecbfe104de58610557c5ba
"ah" -> 3cf4046014cbdfaa7ea8e6904ab04608
"ai" -> 4921c0e2d1f6005abe1f9ec2e2041909
....... lots of guesses .......
"Jean-luc is awesome." -> d8cc313d3bd840a4178d8b8dce280337
"Jean-luc is awesome?" -> 01f0bfdbfd1a3a26ea64464e154c3f7d
"Jean-luc is awesome(" -> 5378218844d2cb2e0485f19228523e8d
"Jean-luc is awesome)" -> a098f91916882aa6152760daf69d3ea5
"Jean-luc is awesome*" -> ba9b32fa3d6378e56049e97a47d8ab14
"Jean-luc is awesome&" -> 1a6920d42c32ee410a0f2da79575dedb
"Jean-luc is awesome^" -> dcc4c7c8c82267e69dba15ad0ec77b29
"Jean-luc is awesome%" -> b3b178b260cceef8d59b0e48ddd6ddbf
"Jean-luc is awesome$" -> 73ab8d02d644a0ce001df18293a0bb81
"Jean-luc is awesome@" -> d03fa43e06235e66047e962834cb6210
"Jean-luc is awesome!" -> a6a791a20d8e0ee089146d720821835e Aha! Finally!



How the algorithm actually works is super complicated so suffice to say it's a bunch of math magic, but just know that "brute-force" (guessing) really is the only way to "reverse" a hash.


Did that make sense?


Oh, uh, banned for not explaining what hashing is.

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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Guest Anonymous

Banned for thinking that just cause a girl doesn't say explicitly she doesn't like something, that it means she does like it.

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