Personality types of creator and his/her tulpae

What is your MBTI type?  

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  1. 1. What is your MBTI type?

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I’m ESFJ. I’m ENFP. It turns out I'm ISFJ. ENFJ I am


Edit 26/1/19: We just did me. I’m an ISFP. Interestingly, the I, S and F we’re all slight preferences and the P was marginal or no preference.

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Lurkers: Evelyn, Lemon, Ninja, Snowy, Vanessa

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“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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I'm an INTP, and Ollie is an ENFP. Very interesting, especially as apparently people of his personality type often have great suggestions for plans etc but do not like shouldering the full brunt of being a leader and enjoy when someone else takes the reins. I guess I'm a pretty good complementary host? I think there are a lot of us INTP hosts here because we tend to love long periods of contemplation and deep thought; what could be a better petri dish for tulpae? We're basically made for active forcing!

ollie writes in this colour!

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I--P main, ESF- tulpa, apparently.


Any - mark is either a too weak or a too inconsistent preference for one over the other to be able to apply a letter at that spot.

Michen, host or "main" / Amantha, anthro arctic fox tulpa


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