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Making Kai sit down and take the personality test was quite fun. He really enjoyed it. I'm INFP and he's ENFP. I said in my introduction that he's a people person and that pretty much sums him up. I think he really helps me come out of my shell. If I need opinions, I go to him for advice because he's so laid back. He takes my feelings into account but we have had our fair share of arguments. He's much more level headed than I am.


e*: I just made Sasukie take the test. He's ISTJ. That's absolutely no surprise. He's all logic and reason. Although he does have his affectionate times. But he does butt heads with Kai a fair bit. I'm just going to get Miss to take the test. I imagine she'll be similar to Sasukie but we'll see.


ee*: Miss is ISFJ. The Defender. 


If anything, taking the test has only solidified my belief that they are tulpas. I had them answer without much thinking to it-- they went with their gut instincts. And all 3 of the answers match their personalities exactly. And they're so very different from me.

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I can't stand MBTI, but I found a better personality-measuring thing. The Enneagram personalities. 


Based on the descriptions of each of those nine types, here's what I think each of us would be closest to

Me - 1: Reformer

Piano - 6: Investigator

Luxio - 9: Peace Maker (previously Challenger, before he went into stasis)

Indigo - 7: Enthusiast

(Host - 4: Individualist)


If anyone else wants to share their Ennea personalities, do so. I didn't want to make a whole new thread for it, lol.

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[Parda] adding our enneagram personalities onto the pile as we don’t like the MTBI indicator either. You might notice one type being very prominent.


Parda - 9 (peacemaker)

Jay - 9 (peacemaker)

Seth - 8 (challenger)

Nitro - 3 (achiever)

Quote - 9 (peacemaker)

Leona - 9 (peacemaker)

Alex - 9 (peacemaker)

Rachel - 6 (loyalist)


Personalities tend to change over time. Almost all of us used to be nines but this is obviously not the case anymore. We’re not sure where Moth falls on the spectrum, but our best guess is either 9 or 6.

Mixed-origins system. Co-hosts are Parda and Jay.

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Huh. Enneagram personalities seem to be more useful than the Myers-Briggs type, if all the -s in my other post here was any indicator. I lean much more to one type here: 9, the peacemaker. 


For me, that would be the challenger, 8!


Heh. That's also one of the reasons she's such a big help in my life.

Michen, host or "main" / Amantha, anthro arctic fox tulpa


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We all tried the MBTI test but i'm not sure how accurate they are as some of us answered alot of uncertain.



Scotch: ESFP

Luna: ESTJ

Osiris: ISTP

Not too active and the others don't talk very much to strangers.

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[align=justify]Using our Enneagram personalities, we've narrowed down what could be our MBTIs without taking a long-winded test where most of the questions are hard for a tulpa to answer.


Apollo - ISTJ (Logistician)

Piano - INTJ (Architect)

Luxio - INFP (Mediator)

Me - ENFP (Campaigner)

Radio - INFJ (Advocate)


We don't have a whole lot of trust in MBTI, and certainly aren't going to be putting these in any bios any time soon, but there they are.[/align]

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