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Personality types of creator and his/her tulpae

What is your MBTI type?  

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  1. 1. What is your MBTI type?

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Looked it up and all i find is hate for ESFJ, i dun get dis.

De bedste og smukkeste ting i verden kan hverken ses eller røres, de må opleves med hjertet.

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INFP for me


ENFP for the Bunny


INTJ for the Alien that lives in my brain


You know every now and again I step back and say to myself,

"This is insane what are you doing?".

Typing the above message was one of those times...

Tulpa's Name: Rai

Form: Female rabbit with white fur.

Currently Working on: Imposition


Tulpa's Name: Ashie

Form: Female pale Green eyes, Green hair

Currently Working on: Imposition

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INFJ for me apparently. After reading this, the description does seem to fit me. Minus the part about being right through intuition; I doubt my intuition 24/7 regardless if I'm right or wrong.


Noel's will go here at some point.

My Tulpa

And then it cuts to a scene where you're sitting in a padded cell.


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Tess - ENFP.


Some people tell me I seem like more of an INTP though.


We're both borderline on the whole thinking/feeling dichtonomy.

Currently restarting visualization in order to get it down perfectly. 

Progress log (haven't used it in a while, but still forcing)

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Oni is INTJ


Telk's ENTP


Oni's taking a vacation for a few days it seems so I'll try to fill up for him.


Age: 420 days (6th Nov)

Form: Fluttershy minus the cutie mark and with yellow eyes



Age: 364 days

Form: Ninth Doctor or a Dalek



Age: 231 days

Form: Human female, medium length dark violet hair, late teen/ young adult



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ISFJ. I believe that makes me the only one.




Eva got a score of ESFP. I guess this fits????


Flora got ESTJ. With marginal or no preference for Extraversion, Thinking and Judging, this was a weird result I think.


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