My tulpa did something that shocked me

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Alright so, I created my tulpa 2 days ago. Her name's nyaruko (long story short, the name is based on an anime) and I have been working on her personality through parroting and puppeting. I'm always worried about her and I wanted to watch anime but I couldn't because I'm just worried about her. So I told her I wouldn't give up and I'll help you. So today, I went to the wonderland. I talked to her and I'm still puppeting and parroting. My hands are around her shoulders and she was slouching against me. I told her what I liked and disliked about people and my hobbies. And then halfway through, she changed and sit on my legs and hugged me. I was shocked tbh. And I can ensure you that wasn't my doing. Ofc, I'm the shy type of person so I blush and shuttered a lot and when I'm done, I look at her bed which is behind and when I turned, she kissed my lips. I pulled out immediately I was like "wtf wtf wtf wtf" and it's not my doing she just did it. And I just tucked her into her bed and summon warm milk and mineral water in case she needs it. And I kissed her cheeks (I don't create her to be my girlfriend I created her so that I have a close friend who understands me and won't betray me) and when I'm about to leave, she held my head and pull it towards her lips resulting a kiss. Which I got really embarrassed to the point that my face is red and I just pulled out and I was blushing really really badly. I looked at her and she was smiling like those smile where they close their eyes and smile. I just said "I trust you and I believe you" then I just immediately exit the wonderland. I'm not sure if it's me who is puppeting her(pretty darn sure I wasn't) or if she is becoming sentient. I mean, I created her only 2 days ago.There is no way she could become sentient that fast. (To cut short, she kissed me twice and seat on my legs and hugged me at her own will which I didn't expect. I'm just wondering if it's really her becoming sentient or I'm just puppeting her. But she doesn't seem to be able to communicate at all or maybe I didn't noticed but so far, she's sort of able to communicate through actions)


Hahaha! This brought back some memories of my own initial partner, who did something pretty similar, and kept doing said things for a long time, though my reaction to those things changed over time. It's nice to see that initial affectionate spark in another's case, you can say it's kind of nostalgic. I will give you this, that these sort of responses came later for me.


I think the best advice I can give is to just make a note of it, and keep going with your development as planned. She had a reaction, which is nice, but it's best to keep working and observing her, rather than worrying about things.


I want to ask this: What would you do if you did determine that the response was not "real"? Would you try and change up your technique? Would you try and dismiss other similar responses? Would you lose your nerve and stop for a while? It's an honest question, as a person who is aware of thought folk just popping up suddenly.

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I'll probably just continue doing parroting and puppeting. I trust her enough and I don't want to doubt her sentience. But today I tried the prism and feather test. Since she's a humanoid with cat ears and fluffy tail, I put it on top of her head. I did the seesaw thingy with the feather and 5 seconds into it, she took the prism off her head and blew the feather to me and smiling which is odd. Idk what to think about this lol. And I didn't puppet her I was focusing on the feather so maybe that's her trying to tell me she is sentient

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