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But I haven't decided yet. You know "you need to decide this for yourself based on your tulpa something something". I currently have it pegged as the last quote in the entire guide. So the goal is a humorous last note.


Anyhow, Snow and Henry, any thoughts on any anime or western animation that jean-luc may have been watching recently?

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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The only animation jean has watched recently is MLP. It's cute, but I think my oppinion of it may be influenced by jean just a little bit. I'm not sure it's possible to hate MLP inside this brain.

The name is Henry, I would've used it as a username when I signed up but it was taken. Somehow the... interesting idea of repeating the first syllable popped into my head, and now my username is HenHenry. Now you know my life story.

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First I have to schedule with whoever the guest is, find a good block of time when we're both available. Then, about 15-30 minutes before that time I start getting things setup, make sure my mic is working try to turn off all the fans that I can, etc. Sometimes technology hates me and it takes an hour and the audio quality still sucks but whatever. Then I join the mumble server and either find the guest waiting for me or wait for the guest, then there's usually a little bit of chat beforehand, I usually guide them through changing some settings within mumble to make it better for podcast recording. I also ask them to record in multichannel mode (one of the reasons I hold mumble to be the best podcast recording tool, even though that's not what it happens to be designed for). Once we're both recording, I try to ask questions and keep them talking as best I can, and generally try to have an interesting conversation. I don't have a set time for how long the podcast should be, but it usually ends of being about 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours or recording time. It ends when we run out of things to talk about and/or get too tired. After that, it used to be that the guest would send their audio to me and then I'd take the two audio clips, put them into audacity, synchronise them, and then listen through the audio, removing boring parts, some stutters, misspeaking, affirmations (like "yeah", "right" that are said just to tell the other person they're still listening), and just generally fix up the audio. However, Vampire now does all the editing. After the final file is exported, I upload it to my server, add a title & description & show notes if neccesary in a special format, then a script automatically generates the RSS feed and the bbcode for the post, which I paste into the Tulpaudcast thread.


I think that's about it, feel free to ask more questions if you want.

Stats for LOTPW

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