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GAT Voting 2016


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Pretty much. But I wouldn't hesitate to vote against someone if I really thought they shouldn't be on GAT. Lacquer and Yuki are sometimes coarse or disagree with certain principles (and Lacquer voted against himself), Evil is relatively new, Jean-luc is of course an old member but hardly the most active in typical discussions, and Fall debatably doesn't have tulpas or experiences that line up with the norm here. If any of those things were reason to me to disqualify them from discussing and voting on submissions, I would say so. I'd probably make my reasoning plain enough others would be inclined to agree, too.


But none of those are really bad things when it comes to the GAT. In fact I originally nominated Yuki because the GAT needs people like her and Lacquer who can make strong and informed comments, and they've favored people like that in the past. Because even if their opinions aren't agreed with in the end, they spark debate and thought with their this-is-so nature. Evil's a shoo-in with the amount of thought and text he puts into everything he writes, sort of the opposite of me and why I don't want to be in the GAT*. And I have to assume the reason Jean's got so many votes is the same I was about to write, ie he's simply a long-standing member which is becoming more and more valuable these days, as they're the most likely to point out when we're going in the wrong direction. And I greatly value the Fall family in most aspects of this forum simply because of how different they are. We gain nothing from having ten of the same people, or a hundred. I feel they've a lot to contribute in areas the other GAT members may not.


Those I didn't mention had no evident problems on the surface to me, which is why I didn't have to praise them to balance it out. So take that as its own compliment.



*I know that seems silly, implying that "textwalls" are something I'm bad at. What I meant was however, that I cannot comment on everything. Every single thread on this site I don't reply to is because I felt I had nothing to offer to it, not because I missed it or was busy. And I can't do that if I'm on the GAT - a large amount of guides I simply don't know how to comment on, but it would be my duty to do so. I would be very hit or miss, and that would bug myself if no one else.

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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Well, Sands did say that there were not enough nominees to make the voting competitive. As a result, it really is just a show of "everyone is qualified unless they're not".

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle


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Well, this means its time for me to study up on all the guides, haha. I will say I was surprised to see myself get so many votes, though.


The current lineup seems solid to me, as well, so I have good vibes about what's going to happen down the line. Assuming there's more content to consider, of course.

Sock Cottonwell's

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Guest Anonymous

Good vibes huh? That's it, I am writing this totally boring ass, long winded, convoluted guide that makes no logical sense at all just for Sock to have to read the whole thing and ponder. (just kidding, mods plz don't delete my joke)

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I think this will be a pretty good team, so a +1 to everyone. It's easy enough to vote off people who end up somehow causing trouble (or they can leave easily if they notice that first).


People being worried about downvoting, don't be. GAT members need to be able to both take the words and be able to dish them out. Any GAT member that throws a hissyfit because someone called them a poopyface will be voted off faster than they can say "no u". You're allowed to be as brutal as you want if that is what you honestly think. GAT believes in transparency rather than secrecy and hidden votes - and hey, if the person never knows what's wrong with them, how will they ever learn and change? We're all adults here. More or less.


Even if you are literally the only person thinking that someone sucks, that shouldn't stop you. If you're going to be a GAT member yourself, you might be in this position with some guides too. That doesn't mean the author won't listen to you (though sometimes they won't even when the majority thinks it's not a good guide) and other GAT members might see a problem they didn't see before. This is a good thing.



If you didn't see the original GAT vote threads, ooh boy! There sure were some strong wrods flung in every direction. Did someone get upset? Dunno, but they sure didn't make their way into the GAT.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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I'm going to have to decline. I evaluated my current situation, offline and online, and it seems that it would be best for me to not have the specific added commitment of voting on submissions. I'll still weigh in my opinion on submissions when I feel I have something to contribute, but only in a non-official capacity. I probably should have just declined the nomination in the first place, but oh well.

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+1 to the bottom five. I don't know much about Evil or FallFamily, so I can't recommend them.

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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I hope I'm not too late to vote. I know it's 3am on the west coast but I'm hoping there's a timezone somewhere that's GMT-12. +1 to NoneFromHell, Sock, and Vosaiu. +0 to the others because I don't think they're not suitable.

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