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I have questions (again).


What is imposing?


I've heard about it. I think it's just placing your tulpas image over top of what you see, but I'm not sure.


Am I ready to start imposing?


I started on December 7th, 2015.

I can visualize him pretty good most of the time.


How do you impose?


Don't know how.




Please, if you going to answer these questions, make them understandable.


Thanks :)

Host: Josh (AKA ThatOneWeirdGuy)

Tulpa: Benjamin (Humanoid Bunny) (In the making)

Ben's Journal/Progress Report

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1. Tulpa.info's glossary has a definition:


The act of percieving your tulpa by your physical senses. Considered to be controlled hallucination.


Try to read through this to have a good idea of some of the community's terms so that you aren't asking questions like that here, ones that we've answered plenty of times. Searching is also a good idea.


2. As long as you're able to consistently pull up your tulpa's form in your mind, you should be able to start working on imposition.


3. There's a section dedicated to imposition on Derp's guide list. I would suggest reading through them. If you have any questions, search to see if there are any threads that can

search, search, search!

answer it. If there aren't any, ask in this board.

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