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[Possession] robotic possession.

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Last night I was watching a documentary about people controlling robots and robotic limbs with there mind while wearing a headset. Does this mean a tulpa could possess a robot?

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Troy: If the host could, one supposes it is quite possible that a fellow headmate could as well. But we have no way to test this.

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Well, tulpas possess the host's organs upon possession (obviously), via the nervous system present in the host's body. The nervous system conducting all orders from the human to the robot, I'm pretty confident that tulpas could possess. But there wouldn't be any simultaneous movements, meaning that both the robot and the human body wouldn't be able to move at the same time, or they would just end up repeating the exact same movements, seeing that your body doesn't care about what thoughtform is active, on the biological level.


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I don't see why an entity with the same mental power as the host couldn't control a robot like that just as well. I think they'd have to be pretty developed to accomplish it, though.


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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They could, but what he's saying is that they couldn't do it while the host did something else. Unfortunately this isn't up for debate, like parallel processing. The technology that reads your brain activity and translates it to the device can't be tricked or bargained with. It directly reads from the parts of your brain that control motor function. Neither your tulpa doing jumping jacks in the wonderland or in perfect imposition triggers that exact place in your brain. Your tulpa would need to explicitly use the part of your brain that controls movement for the machine to pick it up and translate it. That means there's absolutely no room for both of you to function at once, it's either your tulpa or you moving the machine, using the same parts of your brain that also move your body. Even should somebody manage to train them and their tulpa to both simultaneously utilize that part of the brain for their own unique movements, the machine would simply become confused and not function properly.


Of course we're not saying it's impossible, not at all. We'd just have to make the technology read other activity in the brain. But for right now, it's not based on what you see, mentally or not, it's based on what you really process as intent to move. In order for a tulpa to simultaneously control a machine while you did something else, besides amazing parallel processing ability, the machine would be required to get that input from somewhere besides where the host is using their own brain for. Beats me how we could do that. Maybe we can figure out how to change the input to visualization rather than intent to move, but that would literally be mind reading - literally sensing an image in the brain and further processing that movement into electrical signals.


Basically, we require mind-reading technology for our tulpas to act with an external physical body, should they even be capable of that. But that's old news.

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Yeah, most brain-control systems right now have a set way they work that the user has to train themself to use, whereas something allowing a tulpa to have a robot body, so to speak, would need to have the system be trained on how the body's brain looks when the tulpa is doing its thing.

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