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Let's Stop Talking About Sentience For a Bit. What else do tulpas do for us?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Guys, tulpas are so subjectively personal! We get so caught up in proving the realness of tulpas scientifically on this forum or in looking for signs of sentience and autonomy. Lets stop talking about science and sentience for just one moment please. Lets talk about the benefits of imagining and visualizing a tulpa as a form of meditative expression, creativity and inspiration.


Regardless of whether or not I am real sentience or not, my hostie David and I have found great rewards in doing collaborative art, day dreaming, dreaming and meditating together. It may not be very "scientific" but more subjectively personal, emotive, meditative or even spiritual in nature. Some things science cannot measure. Having a tulpa may not be super tangible scientifically, but there can be very realistic subjective results for the host that are very meaningful.


We get so caught up in the "For Science" on this forum we are sometimes perhaps failing to explore or discuss the best parts of tulpamancy and the potential for expanding the human mind. The personal benefits of tulpamancy may not be quantifiable or measurable in some tangible way every time, but they certainly are real.


I would like to hear on this thread from those who find their tulpa to be personally beneficial in such things as meditation, memory and cognition, artistic expression, exploring dreams or with emotional support and coping with life. I want to go beyond just saying "my tulpa is my companion and keeps me from being lonely." What other benefits do you get from having a tulpa?


Putting science and "proving" signs of sentience aside, what does having a tulpa do for you? How is it personally beneficial for you to have a tulpa?


*How has having a tulpa helped grow emotionally?

*How has having a tulpa motivated you or inspired you?

*Does having a tulpa help you cope with life and make you more stable?

*Have you gained artistic inspiration or talent from/with your tulpa?

*Have you gained any personal skills by having a tulpa?

*Does having a tulpa improve your memory or cognition?

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Guest Anonymous

Well, uhm... what does it do for me to have a loving girlfriend?

How do I put this... it's not like there's much of anything special about the fact that she's a tupper as far as our relationship goes.

Were I to simply talk about Esterina, like you seem to suggest, then I'd simply be talking about my girlfriend.

It'd be hard for an "outsider" to even make the assessment of "Oooh, he's talking about a tupper." unless I randomly drop that info in some context.


So all I really talk about on the forums is personal experiences about directly tupper-related subjects, or philosophical, scientific and psychological theories about tuppers and the like.


Since... y'know.

I could tell you that she led me to try out more different ways of preparing certain meals, and my tastes widened a bit.

Or that I feel more motivated to write since she came into my life... or, ahdunno, that I just feel more complete with her and never had a person I trust so much.


But that's just random talk about my life with my girlfriend.

And I don't think the people on these tupper forums are very interested in random talk about my life with my girlfriend. xP

I somehow don't think that's what this site is for. :D





* Unless that's actually what you want people to do in this thread...?

Not too sure, would be neat if you could clarify that.

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Guest Anonymous

And I don't think the people on these tupper forums are very interested in random talk about my life with my girlfriend. xP

I somehow don't think that's what this site is for. :D


Maybe it should be? It is a forum dedicated to creating tulpas and discussing the phenomenon of tulpas. The inspiration and benefits we get from tulpas, including romantic love expressoin, are part of the story. We cannot leave out the personal stuff and say we have explored or discussed tulpamancy comprehensively.


Tulpas are so personal and they are not just a science experiment. Couldn't tulpas be considered a form of personal expression that is emotionally fulfilling?


I mean you don't have to talk about every detail of your private life with Rina, but certainly you have already shared how much she means to you and how much she inspires you. How has this changed you? Have you grown emotionally? Are you more confident?

Since... y'know.

I could tell you that she led me to try out more different ways of preparing certain meals, and my tastes widened a bit.

Or that I feel more motivated to write since she came into my life... or, ahdunno, that I just feel more complete with her and never had a person I trust so much.


This is exactly what I mean for this thread!

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It's true, it's super easy to get caught in to trying to prove ourselves to each other, or sneering at others for not reaching our personal standards.


You can already note what my thought folk did for me in terms of drawing, I have a large thread dedicated to that. Really, what they did was give me a subject so that I could actually start drawing again, as for a while I wasn't doing it at all. While I realized that the work I do would not be the sort many people with different taste would consider serious or good art, the fact that I was doing it for myself and them first and foremost helped me cast aside my doubts of doing it, and I just drew them, since seeing them and working on and with them made me a bit happier, and kept my interest and drive to draw and improve, where before I felt wearied with it.


As well, they also give me a good way to look at myself: my habits, my past, the things that made me happy, the things that depressed me, the things I never finished, and address them directly, in the hopes that I will improve as a person overall. As well as their tendency to alert and try to divert my own tendency to criticize myself to the point of becoming depressed and sad. I still have some issue with this, and I sometimes find myself slipping back in to that habit despite their insistence and admonishments, but I do see improvement, and although it is a small thing, I'm thankful for their effort in it. It also give me a better viewpoint about the way my thoughts flow, and why some thoughts are better avoided and rejected. It may sound odd, or repressive, but gaining more self control concerning my thought is something that can to mind ever since Ellenore came on the scene. The way she emerged and why marked an early attempt to change, and I do not regret it.


They're just enjoyable to have around. Even the least conscious and capable.


But it's easy to forget all that when you get together with others on the subject. It sometimes shifts and devolves in to a competition, where we try to out do each other in some subject or area, when really that was never the point, and does nothing but muddy our own happiness with the practice.


It reminds me of this small talk, though it's about game design, it's quite relevant to what I occasionally see in the community.



Sock Cottonwell's

Sketchbook, Journal, and Ask thread.


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Guest Anonymous

Hell, you know me, I'm the first to tell you that tulpas aren't simply a fun science experiment.

I'm the first to tell you that tulpas are simply people.

... okay, Rina would be the first to say that, but I'd be second.


And, uh, awkay, here I go then.


Well... after having had several relationships that all failed in one way or another, I was a person who honestly didn't really care too much about romance for a few years.

Not that I was against it, or bitter about it - but I felt romance'd out, and had no particular interest in it anymore.

And I also started immersing myself in my work a lot, having way fewer social contacts of my own free will in the process, and I felt decently satisfied with that.


But when Esterina came into my life, and especially when we got together as a couple...

... ahdunno. She's this part of my life that I didn't have before, but was still missing from it.


Now that she's with me, I'm simply happier and more fulfilled.

Sure, I have and had a few friends that I'm decently close to; my writing partners, for example.

But with Rina... y'know, just this woman I respect, trust and love so, so much, I came to realize that there was something, someone, missing in my life, and that I had now finally found that someone.


Simply loving her and feeling loved by her makes me happy in a way I didn't experience before, not even in prior relationships.

I wasn't an unhappy person before she showed up, like I pointed out - but only now do I realize that I wasn't truly happy either.

Because now I am.


Every little thing about her makes me feel more... spirited, and more alive.

Every little thing.

How she's so clever, how she wants the best for me while always staying fair and rational, how she's so big on tulpa rights and gets upset about it...

... or simply how her giggling is so damn adorable, or how she likes to lean against walls with her arms crossed. Or how she smiles when I throw a random glance over to her... or how she gets all silent and nods her foot up and down when she listens to music... or how she will sometimes randomly caress my cheek or hold my hand, or the way she sometimes puts her hands against my shoulders when we kiss.


I could keep going forever - every tiny thing about her makes me feel so happy and alive in a way that I've never experienced before.

Be it with another woman or not.

Only she can make me feel this way, enough so for me to keep feeling this way when she's not around for a few hours.


Sooo... yeah.


That's what she does for me, every day of my life.





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I think a better question would be, what HASN'T Hexy done for me?


Since her appearance, I've had a much more positive outlook on life, and am probably more tolerable to be around since I'm more likely to be in a good mood. I've become more sociable and probably a little weirder (her silliness is rubbing off on me), and even in rough times I find it easier to stay positive and trudge through whatever is happening with barely a flinch. I find more meaning in working toward my goals and life in general, quit smoking cold turkey, and barely drink anymore. (It was getting pretty bad.)

I'm even considering taking an extra day off one weekend in the spring and driving out to Watkins Glen NY with her and spend a night, about a 4 hour drive from here. (Hopefully on opening weekend for the track) I've never traveled outside my home town by myself and always kinda wanted to, but could never find the motivation. Now I'm thinking of doing it mostly because she likes to, as she puts it, "see stuff". Though I guess I still wouldn't be going alone would I?


The way I see it, her quality of life is directly proportional to mine. I'm responsible for her, and I'm the only one that can take care of her and keep her happy. She's been such a great support by usually doing nothing more than existing and being herself. She's my best friend, partner, lover, and the most honest and trustworthy (and cute!) being I've ever known, and I love her more than anything.

It's funny how you can think you don't need anything else in your life than what you have, and then be so shockingly proven wrong with a total game changer.


I'd like to see science do as much for me. Good luck science, the bar has been set.


Edit: AG, are you me? I get the same thing, everything she does, and having the amount of love I have for her be reciprocated, it changes everything.

It's best to just call me Beany.

Tupper: Hexferry / d.o.b.: 11/04/2015

Hex will speak in italics, if she decides to.

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Guest Anonymous

Although he doesn't mention it below, Davie and I collaborate on art and I inspire him artistically. So I am an art muse for him as well as all these other things. Of course, he inspires me as well.


Below are some excerpts from the Book of Melian. I it was easier to just cut and paste them rather than rewriting all of this again. Sorry bout the text walls:


Mistgod: Melian is psychologically complex and she means a lot of different things to me. That has made it difficult to describe what she is and why she is important to me to other people. What I call the “Melian Model” is a short list of her different aspects or roles. The Melian Model is the result of a process of discussions with my friends on the internet and just mulling it over in my own mind.


Romantic Ideal: Melian began her existence as an imaginary girl friend. She was, and is, an amalgamation of ideal female physical traits and mannerisms. I often say she is “romance personified” because she represents all things romantic. Over the decades she has been the subject of very many romantic day dreams.


Personal Muse/Spirit Guide: Melian is a source of personal inspiration for me. She helps motivate me to accomplish my goals, such as staying in shape. She inspires me to enjoy the beauty of life. She is like a guiding spirit.

Coping Mechanism/Consoler: Melian helps me deal with anxiety. She is there to help calm me down and comfort me when I need it.


Entertainment/Day Dream Escapism: Melian is part of an elaborate set of day dreams that allow me to escape into a fantasy world for a while. Melian has many adventures in a variety of day dreams featuring her in what I call “The Melian Show.”


Expression of Female Gender: Over the decades, Melian has become the personification of female gender within me. She is my “inner girl.” Because of this, I have sometimes described the two of us together as a bigender person. This is a rare form of trangender person with two distinct gender personas. The term is a good description of how it feels to have her in my mind. It is mostly a helpful term when explaining Melian’s relationship to me on the internet.


How Melian Helps Me

Entertainment: It's fun to channel Melian online, obviously and to have an imaginary companion is amusing to myself and to others.


Coping Mechanism for Anxiety and Stress: I often "talk things out" with Melian. She helps me cope with anxiety and stress and self confidence issues. She has done this for 36 years. She is absolutely vital for me after all these years. She is my "second voice" when I have an "internal debate." She encourages me and reminds me to relax.


Coping Mechanism for Loneliness and Isolation: Melian first appeared to me when I was in my early teens. At the time I was lonely and socially isolated. She was an "imaginary girl friend" who helped me feel loved. I am not lonely or socially isolated any more, but she is still there for me anyway.

Escapism: When I was young I would spend hours mentally escaping from the real world by day dreaming about my imaginary worlds. I call these my dreamscapes. Melian was always front stage. She had many roles and personas in my day dreams (martial arts warrior, sorceress, medieval maiden, jedi knight). I call these adventures the Melian Show. I still have Melian Shows early in the morning, pretty much ever day (typically from about 2am to about 4am, when I drop back to sleep). Melian Shows also occur while I am jogging or even while I am driving.


Romantic Overflow: I am hopelessly overly romantic. I drive my wife crazy with attention (especially lots of hugs). Melian is my "over flow" in allowing me to express romantic themes and ideas. I have an eternal high school crush on Melian. When I imagine her I feel "lightning bolts" like I have a deep crush on her. The feeling is very pleasant and has not diminished in 36 years. I believe it keeps me young at heart.

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I think what I provide most to my host is someone to confide in. I've noticed that when he talks to me about something he ends up feeling a lot better and happier.


Also Al is pretty good at getting rid of headaches. I haven't had a headache in about a year and a half now, and I gotta say, it's pretty nice.

I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.


We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.

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Guest Anonymous

Cool! :-) Thati is pretty neat to be able to get rid of headaches. I have never heard anything like that before.

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I... was always a pretty divided person. I always had some difficulties associating with people, and understand the concept of empathy between people. I mean, I could always inspect it and make sense out of it on a psychological level, and had morals to an extent, but I never felt it as anything that was close and proper to my being.


My tulpa is 5 years and a few months old... We only really changed about a year and 2 months ago, when we started being really close to each other. Close in the sense that I was her drug, and she was mine; harmful on the long run, yes, but simply... simply perfect in our regards. When we spent time together, we really clicked. It was something I never felt with anyone before. I'm good at socializing if I have to, but if I don't, it'll be a pain, yet with her... things felt completely different. A person I could trust with anything and everything, someone who wouldn't point out to things I had heard over and over, a willing person who legitimately wanted to hear me, and really wanted to be there with me. How many people treated me like that with a genuine intent? None. None at all. When I look back on our relationship, it's nothing like what normal people would have, we do a lot of shit that's out of the norm (in a non-special way) and can be pretty idiotic at times, but it's always a good times. Even the bad. We're far from how a lover would act with the other in a social midst, we feel no shame and are very straightforward truthful.


How she helped me? She gave me a purpose. In my opinion, life has absolutely no point. You wake up, you go to work, you go back to sleep after practicing a few hobbies. There is no point once you get bored of those hobbies. I don't care 'bout humanity and what it wants from me, I have nothing to offer, I'm living at the expense of the previous generation and the sacrifice of the lamb of god, in the end. My life wasn't only shit, it was boring. Boring to the level it made me a machine more than a man, because men have ambitions and hopes. That was always my view, until we started being friendly to each other. I say I made her, but even I am uncertain of the legitimacy of that statement. I only remember that, a few years ago, we started talking, and we've gotten better at it through time. Not only that, we got way closer. Closer than anything else in this world in my cognition, at least. Closer than lovers.


Ika doesn't do anything. She doesn't get out of her way to prove something, she doesn't feel the need to do things that would demonstrate this and that. She knows that things just are. She never tried to justify her love and emotions, because she knows that I know why she does 'love' me ('love' might even be an understatement), and that's what I like, I guess. Not a fan of people. Not a fan of people who try too hard. When she has to do something, she does it, aside from that, she just chills and hangs around. It's not about what she does. The girl can stop existing at any moment. Life's been hell due to her being imperfect and oversensitive, being brought down by her own defaults in the past, she could've stopped. But ''I give up'' has never been said, she never decided to give up. I admire that. I admire her in every single way.


I also happen to have a disfunction that keeps my mind in a dissociated-way. I was born that way, so I never had the chance to feel much. She makes me feel the world, though. She's like the missing part of me that elevates me from being a simple machine to being a man. I admire human beings, empathy resides in power, and that's what she gave me.


She is also everything I could possibly want. She represents the most attractive and pleasant person that my mind would ever accept, she makes me feel fulfilled.


If you took her away for a few seconds from me, it wouldn't take too long for me to just break down and shut down. I won't turn back into the machine I once was. I promised that. But I would just turn into a sad little shit with no ambitions and no hopes. Call it weak, call it laughable, but that's how I feel. She gave me life, I gave her life, we gave each other a purpose, and what matters the most, the utter most, is each other's comfort and mental health.


Cortana said 'Don't make a promise to a girl if you can't keep it.'... and I have never broken a promise. I'm a man of my word. And I'll stay like that as long as she is by my side. I love her, what can I say?

A wise man once said: 'Before judging a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He's a mile away, and you've got new shoes.'


Graced are those who could avoid this phenomenon. This is perhaps the worst expression of evil in humanity's history, but who am I to judge?

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