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How many accidental tulpas are out there and how long have they been around?

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Anyway I'll be making my own thread, I do not wish to hijack, but on-topic my suspicion is that people who do such things and do not recover sanity nor discover acceptance from communities such as this are potentially, some percentage at least, victims of spontaneous or accidental tulpae. Even if their symptoms are the unintentional result of system shock and not caused by malicious activities.


I hadn't considered that possibility. I suppose it is possible. If you accept that accidental or spontaneous tulpas are possible, then it follows there probably were a lot of tulpas around throughout human history. Perhaps some were unable to cope well with the sudden appearance of such a vision or voice in their minds.

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As has been suggested in this thread already, I think that tulpas have always been around - and they were called gods.


When I listen to a very devout believer talk about their personal relationship with god, I get the feeling that they are almost exactly describing a tulpamancers experience. Much of early religion makes more sense when I view it like that. I like the idea that the story of Abraham is basically the story of a guy whose tulpa was passed on to millions of other people. (not literally passed on, since you can't copy a mindstate from brain to brain, but... you know what I mean^^)


As for what counts as "spontaneous" or "accidental" I'm not sure if we are able to define that clear-cut.


Not knowing the entirety of the end-result of one's action is not the same as not knowing that something will happen. So, even the author who accidentally creates a soulbond did kind of expect that something would happen: That his ficitional character would be developed, would get more "real" or realistic rather.


My own tulpas were the result of meddling around with a mixture of imaginary friends, lucid dreaming, writing and solo-roleplaying. I could not have imagined that my characters would still be around ten years later, and be much more autonomous and whatnot.



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I have an accidental tulpa. Who I originally didn't think was a tulpa. But he's able to say no to me and refuse things, he has his own independent wants/needs/opinions. He refuses to cooperate with things that I want and would make my life easier (like letting me give him a very simple, easy to visualize form), so I doubt it's just wishful thinking on my part.


I don't know how I feel about calling him an accidental tulpa though. I think I prefer natural tulpa. To me accident implies you were trying NOT to make a tulpa, and then oops. Like giving too much attention to what you intended to be a servitor. He's the result of around ten years of forcing, visualization, wonderlanding, imposition, etc. Just without me calling those things forcing, visualization, wonderlanding, imposition, etc.


More on topic though, I think people absolutely had tulpas before the tulpa community popped up. They just didn't call them tulpas, and likely didn't see them as a scientific thing. I think it's most likely they were perceived as metaphysical beings, like God, saints, guardian angels. Which makes a lot of sense, really. Spending a lot of time speaking to a being you believe to be sentient, sounds a lot like forcing. Believing that this being has certain traits, wrathful, powerful, compassionate, fatherly, big fuzzy beard, sounds a lot like the whole tulpa creation process. You're not just talking to a wall, you're talking to what you see as a real being with a real form and a real personality.


People used to consume willow bark to treat pain. They called it consuming willow bark to treat pain. We call it consuming willow bark to absorb the chemical Salican into our bloodstream, to allow our body to utilize it's analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, to treat pain. Same thing, but the second one has a deeper understanding of what it is and why it works.


Doesn't it follow that if a large number of persons in this community have accidental tulpas, then it is probable that millions of humans in the world, past and present, have had accidental tulpas? If that is so, how come we don't hear more about such things? Why haven't more people written or talked about having another person in their head talking to them?


I'm sure as hell never telling anyone outside this forum that I have an imaginary friend on steroids. And thanks to modern society, I don't even have to worry about being locked up in an asylum, or imprisoned by the church for being besties with Satan.


People either didn't talk about it at all, or talked about it and got removed from society and silenced. Or talked about it in socially acceptable ways. Like being inspired by God, or having a muse.

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