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Can't see a dang thing?


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My visualization is on a rather high level. I'm having massive problems with intrusive thoughs/images, though. Read my report ;)

Feel free to fuck up.

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Don't know if this can help anyone




That can work, but I see three real flaws with it that would have prevented it from helping me when I was getting started:

1. It doesn't emphasize very much that you won't see stuff on the backs of your eyelids. This is not imposition (except for a few artsy types who practically impose just be open-eye visualizing -- see tulpacouple:Nate).

2. Imagining an apple or spoon is boring. When you use boring objects, you have to force yourself to continue trying to visualize. This detracts from the relaxed state you need to do it well. Using interesting but relaxing objects or places will work better.

3. It tends toward imagining in a void. It sounds like it should be simpler since there's less to imagine, just the one object and possibly your hand holding it. For me, having a background or scene it's in makes it feel a lot more natural to see the object.

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If anyone cant still do it after trying these hints dont feel bad as you arent alone.


I cant even visualize a colour.. the most I can visualise as far as colour goes, is lightening or darkening in my inner mind.. for me its forget about even trying to visualize an apple.. the most I could get would be the simple apple shape with a stalk (Ive tried to visualise small interesting things in the past eg interesting rocks but that didnt work for me either). Visualising my home.. completely out of question..anything more then a one simple shape I cant visualise.


I dont know why some of us are so poor at that skilll but I do agree "most" can improve with working at visualisation along the lines of this guide..but in my case things like this didnt work for me.


If you are bad at seeing images inside your head.. I think most then are better at some of the other kinds of imagining things eg touch, smell, taste as we rely on those more.

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It’s a good overview on visualization, though some simple formatting with spaces between the list paragraphs can be done. Other than that, maybe there could be a change in the title or something.


Blank vote until further discussion from GAT can be done.

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Approved. Yeah, the list could use spaces, but otherwise there's some really good things in here. I actually noticed that a lot of this is very similar to how I start off switching and creating imaginary senses for myself. I never really thought about it when doing "normal" visualization, but during the sense creation part of switching movement really does help. So, that's interesting and something I hadn't thought about even though it was something I had done.


Also, the title I find is actually very smart. It would need the [Visualization] tag, but imagine that a person is looking for a visualization guide or tip, going through the list of things they found. They all are named something something tip or guide or whatever. Everything is the same. But then, in the list, suddenly there is this one. One addressing the reader about the exact problem they have. Can't see a dang thing? How did you know, I can't! So they will look at this guide.


Of course, this won't work for everyone but nothing will.

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I've applied the prefix. Yeah, I like the title too. I'm all for more engaging titles, believe me.


I approve for guides. I'm not sure about "backs of the eyelids" but I know a lot of people still do misunderstand visualisation. With that in mind, I think this guide could be even clearer on that point and drive home that visualisation is your visual imagination right from the very start. Not that it isn't already pretty clear, mind you; Chupi is up to his neck in good advice here.

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