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Whatever became of Dane/FAQ Man and Irish?


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Hello tulpa.info.


I had recently read the archives, and I'm curious about what some of the first people who started this stuff are at now, and how they feel about the community.


While I haven't heard much about Irish, I've seen all kinds of things about Dane - from him having died, to him destroying his tulpas and leaving because he felt he was no longer relevant to the community.


So, does anyone know exactly what happened? (bonus points if logs or pictures or whatever can be posted)

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I moved your question to the forum related Q&A section, since it is rather about the community itself, and not really about tulpas.


I don't have a clue about the old folks, though. Sorry.

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Irish is serving with the US Navy in Korea, when I last saw him a few months ago I guess. He comes around occasionally, still has his tulpas and stuff IIRC. Not sure about Dane, what you said sums up what I've heard.

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Guest Anonymous

The thing I find interesting is we sometimes see people here talking reverently about these "old guys" and "what ever happened to them?" as if they are heroes of legend from ancient history. Sorry OP, I don't mean you, I think you are just curious. It wasn't that long ago folks. What six years? Seven? That was like, yesterday to an old gray goat like my host. This whole community is brand spanking baby new. The "founding fathers" are still internet geeks like all of us, out there on some other website when they got bored playing around on this one.


Anyway, we last talked to Irish in the Fall of 2015. Not sure if he has been back since then, but he pops in now and then. Pleebe too about the same. I have never met Dane or FAQman, they were gone before I arrived. So were a lot of people. They may have started things, but many of the people here have far exceeded them in time spent on the forum and being involved, learning and teaching and exploring over the four years of Tulpa Info's existence.


I am much more in "awe" of the legend of persons like waffles here than FAQman or Irish. Oh and the famous/infamous legend of Mistgod and Melian the marvelous and amazingly super duper what-ever-they-are. Yesh we are in awe of ourselves. So what?

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