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They would have to be able to not just know details, but know all the feelings, and complex things interwoven into your wonerland that really only you can know or access. And then it would be an infinitesimally tiny point in the grand scheme of things, in its own universe that only you can observe yourself affecting.... I'd be suprised if God could steal somthing from that vault without you knowing. That's how ill thought that statement is. They would just be enting their idea of what you vault might be based on how it was described. They would never even leave their own wonderland... Your things are fine.until you forget about them...

Even with mind reading tech, an artificial space-time construct based on the selection of one's self in a specific 5D navigation would be nearly impossible to read. Although i suppose it could be done by simply reading memories which would bypass the wonderland all together.. AND EVEN THEN. the fact thats its in your wonderland as described above would be like an encryption. So long story short, your things are still fine,

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Thanks it's always interesting to hear people's introspective thoughts on such matters no matter how far fetched something may seem.

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