Do you ever think about how you would have been if you never found out about tulpas?

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lol nope



Well, I guess I can think about what it would've been like to never exist. I dunno. I'd just be another one of the infinite possible people that never existed I guess. Not really much to say on that though, just how it is. Same as if you thought about yourself never having existed, or your best friend never having existed. If it were just me.. I don't know, I think the others would've done fine for Lumi. I don't know if I was super essential to anything in particular. But, you know, you'd never want one of your friends to have just not existed. Even if you knew you would never have known them and not be hurt for it. I know I super don't want any of them to never have existed (especially Lumi). But there's not much point in thinking about that. Because if there were we'd never know, huh?

Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

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Without stumbling over tulpas or tulpa-like thingies in my life, I would


- be far less open to myself about my sexuality (this was one of the major things on which one of my first tulpas worked with me)


- have a less developed model of my mind (kinda obvious)


- be less forgiving to myself for my failures (another thing they invested a lot of time to teach me... still do :-) )


- might actually write slightly more, ironically, because as of now I almost exclusively chat with my characters^^ (on the other hand, I might not have a strong incentive to write in the first place? Dunno.)


- have it somewhat easier to relay my life-experiences to strangers (but I have plenty of other strange hobbies in my life, so that would probably make only a minor difference)


- would still have done a lot of crazy neigh-self-destructive stuff, but would not have someone to talk about it (scary thought, actually^^)


In short, lots of benefits. Yay to us.


Thought it is kind of hard imagining me without *some* sort of fantasy in my head, so even without tulpas, I would be a "dreamer" I guess...


Come to think of it, it seems much *more* escapist to engage in fantasy that doesn't talk back. :-D



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I feel like I can answer part of this from experience instead of hypothetical.


"What if you never found out about tulpamancy?"


Considering I created a tulpa by mistake, spent her whole existence in ignorance of what she was, and eventually dissipated her all without knowing the word "tulpa", it's clear that whether I've heard the term or not isn't going to affect what comes out of my brain...or maybe it's into it in this case. :P

If I'd never heard the term most of what would change is simply my perception of what Xira was (and of course Isa's current existence).



Let's say that you never made a tulpa, or found out about the phenomenon but it just came off as utterly ridiculous."


The idea seemed ridiculous to me even when I had made one, clearly, since I was so unwilling to even consider sentience in a thought form. But, taking the first part into account, if I'd never made a tulpa, and assuming I'm in my present stage of life, I don't think much would change.

I'm in an odd spot with this hypothetical scenario because of my presence in the therian community, and acquaintance with plurality because of that. In many ways the plurals I know are even harder to believe than the tulpa phenomena. They are souls sharing a body, where as tulpamancy can be rationalized with guesses at science and neurology. Even assuming I never made Xira all those years ago, I think I'd still believe my plural friends because of their reasoning, the way they function, and my own interactions with them. So unless I'm completely taking my therian discovery out of the hypothetical as well, I can't see myself ever viewing tulpamancy as ridiculous.


"Do you think that your life would be better?"


No. It may be slightly less stressful on some fronts, knowledge always comes with some responsibility, but I don't think it would be particularly better or worse.



Now, because of my odd situation, I'm going to answer the above assuming I never found the therian community as well (though I won't be assuming my identity changed, because then I genuinely would be a different person), and so have no contact or experience with plurality, variant identity, or anything society in general might view as "out there".



In this case, the answer to the question would be hell no.

I would be a terrible awful person if I'd never been exposed to the communities and "odd" phenomena that I have. I would be stubbornly closed minded, probably a bully about it too. I have a tenancy towards aggression anyways, and if I were still ignoring my identity as I did when I was young, those years would have built up and I'd be a very unhappy person. My upbringing would have a stronger hold on me, and I'd likely see people as only what they are physically. If I believed any form of plurality (tulpa included in that) at all, it would be under the assumption that the individual suffered from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).


I would probably have a lot more trouble with my mental health, my anxiety would be through the roof, my misanthropy, and I'd have ridiculously low self esteem because of it. I'd be beating up on myself regularly for not fitting a mold, or being "normal".


If you could, would you bury the tulpa phenomenon? If you could, if you had the possibility to make it so that the world never found out about any practice such as tulpamancy, soulbonding or anything of the type... let's say you could erase it from existence. Would you?


If I could erase it from existence entirely? Past, present, future, tulpa and tulpamancy never existed. Yes. I would erase the phenomena if I could.

One head to one body simplifies things drastically. The world is already complex enough with variant identities, orientations, everything we as people have to learn to live with in each other to function as a society.


If it's just burying the phenomena, hiding it from the world, then no I would definitely not do that. That would mean that people out there still have tulpa, and have to keep that a secret. Any progress would just start over. It wouldn't accomplish anything.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

-Arthur Conan Doyle


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Guest Anonymous

This morning I would be happy to have the power to erase tulpamancy as a practice completely, as it is currently being done, and replace it with a totally different paradigm. That paradigm would be much more open and accepting of individual interpretation and the practitioner's own personal journey. There would be little in the way in guides, or experts to tell others what is right and what is wrong, only a goal and the basic understanding that you meditate and do focused visualization you can create something interesting and persistent in your mind. It could be a gathering of butterflies that follows you for instance. The guiding principle would be that it is personal actualization and personal achievement and the individual determines when they have done something that is meaningful for themselves. There would be no emphasis on creating sentient beings, just an emphasis on the power of the imaginative mind.

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That's not what a tulpa is though, that's a wider definition like thoughtforms or, a term that hasn't been created yet.


My "tulpas" were just like they are now before I discovered any outside influence. People somehow managed to come to the same conclusions as a community that I did as an individual. So "tulpamancy" itself isn't that important to us, but I still appreciate it for others. But anyways, I've rarely ever directed people toward the guides section, and I've never made any special effort to read them either. I pretty much do what you just said, except I entertain more freedom than that, because I don't say it has to be about personal actualization and achievement or meaningful and all that.


Sometimes people just want a friend.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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[*snickers*] Well, apparently Midnight thinks that I would be nowhere good without her right now. But in all seriousness, she is 100% right. I was in a bad place before she came along. Thanks to her, I am on my way back up the hill now.^^

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What if you never found out about tulpamancy?


'I don't think that it'd really affect us all that much. I already had a vocal tulpa by the time that I found out about the community. This place has definitely helped me in the way of learning how to do things like imposition and possession, but I'm sure that I would've still landed myself with a decent group of kawaii anime girls in my head.'


Let's say that you never made a tulpa, or found out about the phenomenon but it just came off as utterly ridiculous. Do you think that your life would be better?


'I was a in a shitty place when I first started doing this, so I'll take a guess and say that my life would be in a similarly bad spot or nonexistent by this point if I didn't start doing this. I needed someone who I could bounce my feelings off of, someone who could make me feel like I wasn't alone in the world, and they mentally slapped the shit out of me to the point where my problems are barely visible. So nah, it wouldn't be better.'


If you could go back in time and undo what you've done, would you?


'With what I just wrote, no, I don't think that I'd undo this. There are definitely some things that I'd try to do better if I could, but I probably won't think about things like this that often anymore with the direction we're headed.'


If you could, would you bury the tulpa phenomenon?


'I can understand not wanting the concept to become widespread, but I wouldn't bury it altogether. There are always going to be people out there who need something like this and would take it seriously, so I wouldn't deny them such an experience.'

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I would never have met Shy Tara, someone I loved dearly, and I miss her. But without her I may have not survived depression. She's why I made my Tulpa.

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Life without Alex? Mm I shudder to consider it... I honestly don't think I could handle it. If I had never gained Alex I can say that life might have been easier, but most likely not better.


For instance, I wouldn't have to worry about keeping him a secret from most people, I wouldn't feel as awkward trying to interact with a person no one else could see, and I wouldn't have had to worry about telling my boyfriend and girlfriend about him, which was insanely scary.

However, I probly would also still be self harming, I'd feel lonely and empty on the nights I just can't get to sleep, and my depression and anxiety would be twice as bad. Alex helps me function at least enough to get by in life. He always knows what to say to comfort me, make me smile, and keep me from doing anything too stupid. He's my guardian tbh.

Soulbonder: Sake (rhymes with cake) - 21 - Genderfluid (he/him or she/her)

Soulbond: Alex - 5 - Male (he/him) - Vampire

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