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Basic Method On Practicing Visualization


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Alright, decided to edit this thread a bit after a long break. It should be clarified and more beginner friendly now. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions regarding my guide!

Name: Dante

Gender: Male

Form: Toa Mata Nui, a Bionicle(Amadeus made a sketch of him, kudos!)

Stage: Narration, posession


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Hello Niko, your friendly neighborhood GAT representative here. I really enjoyed your guide and it worked for me when I tried it (even though I have quite a bit of experience already). However, you need to fix some spelling mistakes and you should get a native English speaker to help proofread your guide to make sure the wording is good.

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OP probably won’t even respond to this guide submission anymore.


This would be better for Tips & Tricks. It’s not really a guide since it’s barely covering anything related to tulpas. Of course, people can just use the concept and associate it with tulpas, but the intention for that hasn’t been made clear.


The concepts can actually be a concise guide, but depending on how GAT members will respond to this guide submission, I’ll leave a blank vote on where it should be shifted.


There’s a minor spelling error at the end with:


This is meant as a guide to practice visualization, and it should help yoh visualize objects better.


But it’s not something that would prevent this submission from being shifted to “Tips.” Maybe staff can edit out that spelling error and simple proofreading.

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Approved for Tips and Tricks, but ideally it should be edited a bit to fix some spelling mistakes and unusual term usage (for example: "Once you have found an appropriate object, start to examine it thoroughly, feel it's bumps, dips and texture, listen to the voices it makes, ...").


It's somewhat original by both combining some real stimuli you can easily access and readily recall with a more creative form of visualization where you vividly visualize/interact with your imagined object using all your senses and you can easily "calibrate"/correct your imagination as the stimuli is readily accessible.


I've done something similar before with decent success before I was even aware of this guide.

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Well I would say this is a guide of sorts, but a visualization guide and not necessarily a tulpa guide. So if that's what will limit it from going in guides, tips and tricks might work too.


This is a method and an exercise to better your own visualization skills, though probably too boring for some and of course won't work for everyone as people tend to have better luck with different things. But I can see some good things in this one and maybe someone who has trouble should try this method as well. So I'll approve, for tips and tricks if you think that's where this should go instead of guides.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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While my previous vote was for Tips and Tricks (Approved), I don't mind if this were to be put in Guides. It is a visualization guide/method after all. I'll leave it up to the rest of the GAT to decide where you think this would fit better as in my opinion the content is kind of borderline between those 2 sections.

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