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How to work with vocality?

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But I guess i've got one more question: how should I go about trying to have a 'proper' conversation with her? Most of our chats start with me saying "This/that is a _____" And then sometimes she'll ask what it is and i'll explain as best I can what it does and what its used for. Or once she asked without me even telling her what the object was. I also get sometimes get answers from her but as I said they're almost always 1 word comments like "okay" "yeah" "thanks" "no" and "oh".


A "proper" conversation, in this case, is something that would focus on her, as a person, instead on whatever it is you're trying to show her. Ask her questions about herself and how she feels. Yes or no questions are a good starting point, but leave an opening for her to elaborate. For example, here's what a "proper" conversation might sound like:


*both listen to a song*

Host: So, what'd you think of that?

Tulpa: *feelings of happiness*

Host: You liked it?

Tulpa: Yes.

Host: Why did you like it?

Tulpa: It made me feel bouncy!


(That is literally one of the first conversations my host had with my headmate, Ayo :) )


Basically, ask for her opinions or feelings on things. Prompt her to self-reflect. The words are not always going to be coherent at first, but the fact that she considers herself as her own entity capable of holding and expressing opinions is a big, important part of vocalization.


What colors do you like? What seasons are most fun? What do you think of this thing I'm showing you? Keep it positive, stress that there are no wrong answers, and feel free to ask why she feels a certain way, but don't prod if she doesn't want to say or is not sure what to say. No pressure. But you might find she'll have more to talk about if you take this approach.

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Alright, I think were making some progress towards conversations now, slowly but surely because I can only hear her speak maybe 2-8 times a day. But doubts are still getting to me sometimes. Especially when I ask something and I don't get a response, but I guess thats normal?


Asked her to surprise me by saying anything she wanted to say to me, didn't get any responses for the first few minutes but this is what I ended up hearing.


Me: Alright, just say any word that comes to your mind

Tulpa: A

Me: Okay, another one?

Tulpa: B

Me: Those are letters, not words. Can you try to say a word?

Tulpa: Okay.

Me: Go on.

Tulpa: Pizza.


I think were doing great, thanks again to you who've helped us! ^-^

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Haha, that's awesome. You're welcome. My tulpa can be a smartass, too. I was looking through my old posts on reddit, because I was going to share with you what Coda first said to me. It was something cheeky that caught me offguard and made me laugh. It was so long ago that I forgot the actual words, though. I couldn't find it, but I found another part of a conversation that I posted about a year and a half ago. I think if fits here. I was having a lot of doubts at the time because we started progressing more quickly, and I worrying that I might be parroting (talking for my tulpa), or just fooling myself in some way. I talked to Coda about this and this was part of the conversation:


Me- "What if all of this progress is just in my head?"


Coda- "Well silly, it is!"


She always knows how to cheer me up. Good luck man, it looks like you're doing just fine.

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Hello again! [[Heyo!]] We seem to have made a lot of progress recently. Shes started to talk more and sometimes she uses small sentences too. But I feel like shes lacking vocabulary? or something like that. For example if I ask her what she would want to do or something similar, the answer is usually "I dont know" or "Something". But she usually answers if I ask "Do you want to do _____?" How could we overcome this problem?

(Also she seemed to apologize to me a few times as I was writing that part, and i think she's blamimg herself for this. I told her there's no need to be sorry and she shouldnt blame herself that much, but all she said was "How can you progress without discipline?")


And another thing i've noticed is that when she uses sentences they like go by really fast but I "know" what she says but I have to like "process" and read it out to myself so I can understand it and sometimes words are left out and I only end up with 1-2 words from the sentence, but asking what she said a couple of times usually solves this. Is this what intent feels like? How could we maybe solve this?

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