The effect of sex on tulpas

Sex and tulpas:  

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  1. 1. Sex and tulpas:

    • I have sex with my tulpa(s).
    • I do not have sex with my tulpa(s).
    • I think sex with tulpa(s) is just fine.
    • I think sex with tulpa(s) is something not to care about.
    • I think tulpa sex is harmful. Why are you even asking this?

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Me and my host have had sex before, we enjoy it though we don't do it very often, afterwards we cuddle with each other and i pet my hosts hair. Sex is wonderful but it's not for every tulpamancer in my own honest opinion, it could affect the way some tulpas think, but that's how I see it. i could be wrong.

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Huh, well then. Wasn't right there. I was right though that it definitely sounds like a disorder, even if it's common.


Still, it doesn't make sense to me personally, so there's no reason it would affect my tulpas. From like a natural level anyways, I still don't quite get it. I suppose it could be purely emotion-logic induced. Sounds pretty sad.


For some reason this seems similar to post-partum depression to me. I don't think it not making sense to you makes your tulpas immune or anything, but you probably don't have to worry about it. The study they did was at a college which is a pretty emotionally charged demographic of people to begin with, so the numbers could be skewed.


I hadn't heard of the concept of post-coital dysphoria either.

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Yeah what I was saying was that naturally/biologically that does not apply to us. But (hypothetically) it could affect my tulpas in a purely emotional/logical way, if that's how it even works. I'm in college too, by the way. But anyways, we've managed to eliminate all things that could make my tulpas sad by now. The only thing left is me being sad myself.

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So, is the consensus that sex, or thoughts of sex, is bad for the Tulpa creating process? Cause I don't see how one can a hundred percent eliminate thoughts of sex, or decrease libido, while engaging the Tulpa process, because they're intimately linked to our thought's and subconscious. I would rather bet that because libido energy is so abundant and easy to access, it would help in the creating process because it increases focus, to the point of being obsessive. If there is any one consistent theme in any of the post on creating, it seems one can't be over obsessive, over compulsive or over indulgant when it comes to exaggerating responses and expectations of responses. Creating a tulpa is much harder work than people might be led to believe by the easy presentations of the posts, and so any advantage that might keep the mind engaged with the Tulpa is surely bemeficial.

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Sex can be an important part of any relationship. But early on? Sometimes a bad idea I think, depends on the people in the relationship. With tulpas, following through your hypothetical, the primary motivation behind creating your tulpa becomes sex - does that really sound healthy? I don't know how many people can healthily balance sex as motivation without getting obsessive, but it's certainly a personal case-by-case decision, not a broad one. I don't agree that you can't be over-obsessive in tulpa creation. Unhealthy bases of motivation can easily negatively impact their growth and your relationship. And sex is something that should always be supplemental to a relationship at best, not the main focus. At least, in any typical relationship. Some people specifically base their relationships on sex, and maybe you want a succubus tulpa. But neither of those tend to include meaningful connections or long-term success of the relationship.


Like most "Don't do this" advice on tulpa.info, it's a general guideline for general people. Decisions should always be made on a case-by-case basis because not everyones' situations are the same. If you don't think sex will hurt your relationship at any point then that's your prerogative, I guess. At least wait until they can talk though. "Consent is vocal" applies to tulpas and humans alike.

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Jamie and I do not have sex together. Although we have had conversations where it's been expressed that he "would totally do me", as a predominantly heteroromantic asexual, it's not something I'm interested in engaging in. If that ever was something we engaged in, I don't think it would be detrimental to him at all. He's not the type to need cuddles or romantic affection afterward, he'd be happy to have a quick fuck and move on immediately. However, and I'm putting this under a hidden cut in case this is far too TMI -


[hidden]I also don't even know if you want to count this as participating in a sexual activity with a tulpa because as you'll see in a moment I'm not really involved at all, but Jamie, being fully capable of switching, often uses my body and masturbates when switched He's an extremely sexual person, which is in stark contrast to myself, so I guess I should not be surprised that, if given the chance to inhabit a body, this would be one of the activities he frequently engages in, but it's still interesting to me, especially since I myself have little to no sex drive or interest in any kind of sex.[/hidden]

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Guest Anonymous

I do not have sex with my host. The closest we come to anything like that is erotic Melian Show day dream episodes, which are relatively rare. Even those rarely involve my hostie in any way. He does have a dream avatar that I sometimes have sex with, but I do not consider that avatar to be my hostie. The avatar sorta represents an ideal day dream version of him, but it is more like another character.


Anyways, that being said, I don't judge others for having sex with their tulpas if they really need to. As for post sex depression? What the hell is that? Is that even a thing? Sex is awesomesauce! The idea of being depressed bout it afterwards is a weird concept to me. Big whoop, so you doinked his dinkle. Jeez, get over it and go eat some ice cream or somethin. It's just imaginary wack off sex for flippin sake.

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