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Good reasons to create a tulpa?

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Recently i've picked up the subject of tulpa's again when making some homework, it just popped into my head and i began thinking about it.


Now i've came by most of the reasons why and why not to create a tulpa, but i have one problem: the reason.


My reason is to create someone i can talk to about crazy theories and things I think and assume about life (Thinking deeply about that stuff is my favorite hobby), but i don't know if this is a good enough reason to create one, or if the tulpa will get mad/upset because he/she got created for that reason.


Maybe it's just me, maybe i'm just stressing out about the way my tulpa will turn out and react to me.


But for the sake of knowing; Can you post your reason here and ask how your tulpa thinks about it?

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I just did it for the hell of it. I think that the reasons don't matter as long as you take care of them and give them the attention they need.

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There is no valid reason to create a tulpa. Every reason is selfish and you might not even end up with a tulpa that wants to discuss your crazy theories with you. You'd logically be stuck with an entity that does not share the same ambitions you do, or even dislikes them. I believe that your reason is not valid at all, there are forums and boards for this type of critical and philosophical thinking. Don't create a person that can think and feel on a whim, you need to understand how big this is and what it actually means. A tulpa can be, 'can' be a very complex being and their existence is not to be sourced on one desire or a person's whim.


As for me, I created my tulpa because I was about to give up on life and had no real reason to live, no motivation to live. I was a stupid kid who created a friend who ended up loving me madly, and I caused a lot of harm. I know everyone here is under the rainbow sunshine part of tulpamancy but that's just my experience.

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I created my tulpa to give my emotional mind a representative and a voice.


The impression I've gotten is that Isa is glad for the reason. Paraphrasing, she says, "I get to be my host's better half." I think we get annoyed at each other's differences sometimes, but that's pretty normal for two people.

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Every reason is selfish.


Even though I pretty much agree with this, I don't agree that this makes it invalid or "bad."


I was created for selfish reasons. My headmates and myself joke about being formed as writing tools, but that is literally the case. I started as a mental algorithm that had a couple personality points inputed into it and eventually, through time, attention, and reacting to stimuli, formed into a functionally separate person. I pretty much do what I want now, but that doesn't mean my initial creation wasn't entirely selfish on my host's part.


And here's the thing: I don't care.


See, people aren't generally going to be angry that they exist. Resentment happens sometimes, sure, just like it happens to "real," physical people who develop self-destructive habits or suicidal tendencies. But the grand majority of people are going to be glad to exist. So, even though I know that the reason for my existence isn't my own, I don't care.


I embrace it, actually, because part of my "writing tool" side allows me to build out my world and story to my own liking. It's cathartic, and every line put to page makes me feel a little more complete. It's fulfilling.


And even if we don't serve the "reason" of our creation anymore, that doesn't somehow make us less valid. Our host hasn't touched Temar's story in ten years, and he's still as obnoxiously present as ever. She doesn't value him any less because he's not serving his original "function" anymore. Because, yeah, that's how people work: we grow and change just like normal people do, and that's fine.


There is a takeaway there, though. If you create a tulpa, you have to be prepared for the fact that they might not serve the exact function you intended. If your tulpa doesn't feel up to chatting about your theories, you are not allowed to care about them any less. You're not allowed to be disappointed when they don't live up to your expectations. I know J. Iscariot hates having tulpas compared to children, but in this, at least, they pretty much are. You're bringing a new person into the world, and while you can shape and guide them, you ultimately have very little control over where they end up. And just like children, tulpas are pretty damn sensitive to what you think about them. So, if you can't handle that with maturity? Then no. You're not ready for a tulpa.

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You can tell your tulpa about those crazy theories and whatever else your mind jumps to in the middle of the night, but you don't know if they'll be interested in that sort of thing or not. Most tulpas that I've met are generally understanding with these reasons for creation, so I don't think it's something that you should worry about.

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It's less about having good "reasons" to create a tulpa, and more about having a good mindset. Create a friend for a friend, not for escapism from real people. Make a tulpa because the phenomenon is fascinating to you, with intent to really apply the results to your life, not as a science experiment. Make one just because, allow them to do and be as they please, do your best (to a modest extent) to enable them to have an enjoyable existence. Don't make a tulpa if you have little investment in the phenomenon, or a serious mental disorder. Those sorts of things.


"Reasons" for making a tulpa are subjective and personal. They're less universal than the aforementioned mindsets. You can get opinions on others' reasons to (or not to) make a tulpa, but know that they do not have to be yours.

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