Tulpa narration directing?

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That's a concentration matter, and for the long and short of it, you just learn to embrace the scattered brain of ours until you can coordinate your intentions whenever with ease. I made a guide on visualization, but it can be used as a supplement for narration after you do the exercises. Basically, it's just typing/speaking what's going on in your mind with little to no intention of comprehending the experiences, and then debriefing (e.g. reading over or speaking out) the content. The debriefing part is where you could narrate, and it can potentially help you retain your memories of those experiences.


I learned that the distractions one becomes aware of in their mind is a canvas to fixate more and more for tulpa-related context, but that's after the hours on end I did though (not implying hour count here with tulpa creation and stuff--just for image streaming).

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