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Do you think servitor could be used for escapism? If so how does one does that


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I'm considering creating servitor for switching since using tulpa exclusivly

for getting away from real world seems bad but i'm not really sure where to start,


Should i just create servitor and play king with him in wonderland by giving him

wonderland-oriented orders till he grows advanced enough to do complex orders like building castle in wonderland by merly telling him?

And then attempt standard switch with him? Or should i approach this in different manner?


Help would be appreciated very much

- Thanks

Hellow ;3

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I'm considering creating servitor for switching since using tulpa exclusivly

for getting away from real world seems bad


That’s a matter of opinion, and the circumstances, really. Switching is shifting your awareness elsewhere while tulpa/servitor takes dominion over the body. To theorize any kind of good and bad on which one gives you less of a slap-on-the-wrist from another member seems to be distracting oneself from something obvious, in my opinion:


- Whether you want to believe you’re switching with a rock, or someone you’re treating as sentient, or just whatever implications behind having a servitor, I don’t think a certain label makes the experience less shameful. In other words, think about it this way, if one considered a servitor nowhere close to the level of sentience they’re willing to cultivate towards a tulpa, then by that logic, it would seem more pragmatic for a tulpa to go for switching. Simply because in this hypothetical scenario, they would be able to put things in reality into context, and may have an easier time doing whatever the end goal both have in mind.


- But at the same time, having a servitor do specific tasks without doing any complex analysis in putting things into context in this reality can be done as well depending on whatever confidence you think they may have in completing them while having the body flourish at the same time. So, tulpa, or servitor, or however you want to change the circumstance, will involve you shifting your awareness anyway. So whether one person thinks you’re going for escapism, long-term, or short-term, is their opinion. If you want to be paralyzed by that presumed stigma of switching exclusively with a tulpa being bad, then I can’t really do anything about it.


- A person may just want to switch to share, live out a daily lifestyle, and whatever modes of existing in this reality. Some may take it too far, some try to balance it out, but whatever the case, and whatever mode of practice you want to go for, just think of it of cultivating ways to have them put things into context enough to where you can safely shift over while they take control, and vice versa.


- Some methods may imply something symbolic, which seems to involve some kind of dogma against it, but ironically, symbolism can be a way for them to put things into context. If you strip away those metaphors for practicing switching and what have you, IMO, it’s kind of shooting yourself in the foot on a supplement. It’s just when others can’t really understand the meaning behind those metaphorical implications is what confuses them, or, they may hate the implications of those metaphors stagnating, or skewing the identity of their tulpa (e.g. those that get a cringe factor going on with a tulpa that believes they’re truly something they’re not).


It's your body, and if you want to build a trust with a tulpa and/or servitor to be a part of that experience, you'll have to realize you're the one that's going to be making compromises with them on how the internal experience is going on, not us. You could ignore whatever ethical consequences people come up with, and we wouldn't be able to do anything about it, honestly. Build your own moral compass, and you'll find a way to conceptualize a wrong from a right.

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[Hail] Well, it certainly can be done with a servitor - know someone who did it in fact. The questions of "how" and "should" are separate. Linkzelda actually put out a lot of good thoughts on the "should" topic, so I won't go into that territory. As for how, it could be tricky to keep the thoughtform a servitor, instead of them sliding down the scale to becoming a tulpa, if you go for long term switching ability since being able to handle a large variety of life things will tend to cause self-awareness to develop. But it can be done.

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