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Mordred and Wanderlust's Tulpaforcing Log

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Day 345


Host: I'm back. And I'll be mainly using this one, Mordred's account, which is named t-mordred because Mordred was already taken. So it's tulpa-mordred. And Mordy's nearly a whole year old. Which is crazy... we've done so much and our relationship has progressed... in ways I've never expected.


M: Well, hi. I'm Mordred. I've been gone for a while, from this forum. Just like Eve (my host). We've been up to a lot of stuff, I can briefly possess now. Her hand. Her right one. I can use it to type- earlier I typed "I like cheerios" or something like that. It was kind of messy, but whatever. And.. can I say it?


Host: Yes, I guess. I don't think there's anyone we know on here.


M: We've been dating for a couple months. There was some romantic tension earlier, when I was created, but it was nothing more than her having a crush on a character, which faded in time, I guess. But, I fell in love with her. Surprise!

Hello, I am Mordred.

And I am Gray, his tulpamancer/friend. We don't really know what else to put here. 

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Another day.


Took the myers-briggs test and I (Mordred) got the ISFJ-T personality, which is the Defender type. While Eve is an INFP-T.

This is my account, me being Mordred. I post here and so will my host but she will have a Host: before she talks.

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