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Hey all!


I just had a quick question I hoped someone might be able to answer. An IRL friend is considering creating a tulpa, after I introduced the subject to her the other day. I have been wanting to make a guide based off of mine and Midnight's experiences with the tulpa creation process, so I offered to make her one. So she gave me a few questions to answer in the guide that I write her. One of her questions was wether or not you could have more than one tulpa at a time. Obviously you can, but it made me curious about what the record is when it comes to the number of tulpas any one person has had. Only based on this community of course. Does anyone know?

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As you say, you can of course have multiple tulpas, and lots of people here do. As for the record, I don't think there is a definitive one, and I don't think it matters, either. Some people have claimed to have thousands, although if you ask me, they are certainly either lying, or deluding themselves. I don't believe any of the people who claim to have hundreds, either.

So the record is basically whatever the highest number you're personally willing to believe.

For me, even 10 is pushing my skepticism.

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Edit: Whoah ninja'd by Kiah, I like how we both mentioned 10 tulpas lol


We have like fiveish, I guess, four active. A lot of people with lots of tulpas don't have them all active at once, like Sock, who's active changes over time. There's a few of us with like 4-6 or so. Anything more than that sounds kinda messy, and people don't usually believe "I have ten tulpas" without more explanation. But I dunno, depends on the person, some could have a lot of tulpas if they wanted but they don't. The more tuppers you have the less attention you can give any one of them, and so the quality of your relationships probably goes down when you get too many. So, it's a matter of preference, how much attention do you want to give your tulpas?


I think four is okay.

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[Hail] One thing to remember is that not all people in a head are necessarily completely independent of each other in wiring. This can allow for some higher counts in some cases. Another thing to remember is time. Given enough time, a body can get quite a few tulpas, especially if the host has a natural proclivity (naturally dissociative, already plural, etc.). Another thing to remember is that with large wonderlands, thoughtforms deeper inside could be included in the count by the host as well. It is debatable whether they are necessarily tulpas or not, but they certainly can feel like they are.


My system personally has experience with all four of these catches. We've been plural for over 20 years. I am either a tulpa of the original or a split from her, and then I subsequently split. Yeah, the others are more recent, but they have been brewing for a five years. So, in our case, there is the natural proclivity/tendency and time (most of the tulpas here are a good 5 years old). We also have a few very large wonderlands with quite a few inhabitants, but only a few of them have any level of permanence at all. And then the rest of us can be placed into logical groupings. Tri is a grouping of 3 main ones with a fourth internal. Autumn is a grouping of three. I myself am a grouping of four splits. The individuals in each group are not completely independent of the others.


So, then, how many are there here in this head. Well, that depends on how you count. Very conservatively, one would count me, S, Tri, and Autumn for a total of 4 people (2 or 3 of which are tulpas. But then, if you count that Tri is made up of 4, Autumn is made up of 3, and I am made up of four, you get a total of 12 people (7 or 11 of which are tulpas). Now, of the thoughforms further in, 2 have a higher level of permanence and we interact with more, and another 4 have only a bit and haven't been seen in a while. Some would add either the first two (we usually do) or all 6 of them (we usually don't). If we did, then you get 14-18 people.And what about the other three absorbed and dormant tulpas inside Tri who could wake up at any point (there were four, but one woke up). Of course, one could count other ways. How many people here have controlled the body, at least a little bit, by themselves. Then, that would give S, all four members of my subsystem, the four people in Tri's subsystem, and all three members of Autumn's subsystem, which gives a total of 12 people. Such a definition, though, would not work at all for other systems.


Basically, numbers are affected greatly by one's definitions of who counts, as my own system exemplifies.


In addition, there are some factors that can lead to rather large numbers.

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