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Here are some threads that might help you out:


Thoughts on tulpa creation?

Good reasons to create a tulpa?

Ethics with regard to tulpa creation.

reasons for tulpa and creation methodology


And there are certainly more that cover this topic, so doing a few searches here and there will land you with some more useful information. Even if you make a tulpa for a selfish reason, and some would argue that all reasons are selfish, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad to do so. If anything, creating one when you have a "painful" social life would be beneficial because you have someone to share your thoughts with, but tulpas shouldn't be used as an alternative for normal relationships.

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It depends on what those purposes are. I wouldn't recommend creating a tulpa as a sex slave. And creating a tulpa because your social life is painful is an iffy proposition at best - for all you know, your tulpa will be just as antisocial as you are and won't be very good company.

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Ultimately, almost every reason you could ever have for consciously creating a tulpa could be considered selfish.


So no, in my opinion, as long as you don't emotionally or physically abuse your tulpa in any way, shape, or form, "selfish" reasons are just fine. Simply wanting a friend is a "selfish" reason.


No, creating a tulpa because of your sociability or lack thereof will not be scarring, so long as you sustain "healthy multiplicity". Escapism isn't that healthy (wanting to abandon the "normal" reality in favor of your own created one), foregoing human interaction isn't healthy, and if Tulpamancy gets in the way of your day to day life in big ways, it isn't healthy.


I have little of a social life, but that's because I'm heavily introverted, and to be honest, can't stand being around many other physical people. But that doesn't mean I willingly draw away from society, I'm pursuing a medical degree, I have an SO, and I don't completely shy away from human interaction.


EDIT: Damn, I just got double ninja'd.

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It depends on the purposes, and also what you consider "wrong", in a much more vague, ethical sense. As a general rule of thumb, Golden Rule tends to apply quite well to tulpa matters, though being your head and all it is still entirely up to you to implement and carry out, for better or for worse. I imagine that the links above give a much less cursory overview of a deeply complex matter, so I will leave it to them to answer more fully.

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