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Given that there is quite a bit of consensus with the terminology feeling inadequate to express what we are trying and or have accomplished, isn't there a way to modify the terminology? Wasn't there a time before the terminology existed, and so someone created it? I don't see the terminology as being that rigid.

The tricky part with this is that tulpamancy isn't small or starting out as an online community anymore. It's spread across the net, so even if one forum decides to change the terminology they use, you're not going to get a consensus. It would take a LOT of cross community ambassador work and communication, so that it wasn't just one forum's lingo confusing everyone else, but an actual change in definitions.

(Otherkin has the same problem, but over 25 years instead of just 5-10. Just changing the word we use is no where near as easy as it sounds. :P)

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

-Arthur Conan Doyle


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Even if you have people that are vocal about their distaste for certain terms here, that's not going to be the same for every branch of the general community. Using a substitute like a being "in control" or "in the body" (as waffles mentioned) works just as fine as the established term that's already in a ton of guides, articles, etc., so I don't see the point in changing things. It's already confusing as hell for some right now.

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I kind of like the term "forcing" - it reminds me of magical forces. I may have less negative associations with the word because I am not a native-english-speaker.


However "Wonderland" as a term is a no-go for me personally. It feels childish and reminds me, if anything, of Alice in Wonderland, which is not a book I like particularly.


"Tulpa" itself is for me one of the most problematic terms, even if I like the sound. When talking about "tulpas", some people associate either buddhist practices or horror stories...

Nevertheless, I like the sound, and I think "tulpa community" sounds good. Also, the weird plural "tulpae" seems to be disappearing, finally. It bugged me lot, why would you put a latin plural on a tibetan word? No offense.


When I first came here, I always confused "switching" with "possession". I'm still not entirely sure what is what while writing this. There should be a term for "possession" that doesn't sound like giving 100% control to a tulpa. Maybe something will come up.




As I plan to make tulpas a part of my fantasy world, I had to come up with a german term, that was mine. My current runner is "Particor", derived from the existing term "Servitor", combined with latin for "share", as in "share a mind". Of course, I don't intend to use that term in the community, it's just for my writing. I really didn't want to use the term "tulpa" in my fiction, because it is tibetan and didn't make sense for me. Also I didn't want random people to google the term.^^


Since my system is somewhat between tulpas and soulbonds, I currently favor the term "headmates"... it's wonderfully unspecific.


Just changing the word we use is no where near as easy as it sounds.

I think the community is at a point where that would be still just barely possible, but only with a coordinated effort between, and the other communities (including wikis in several other languages)


But then, I think, some terms will eventually appear, just as people talk about it. We'll see. :-)



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