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Experiences With Third Person Wonderland Exploration?


First or Third Person Wonderland?  

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  1. 1. First or Third Person Wonderland?

    • First Person
    • Third Person
    • Sometimes one or the other

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So, this idea just came to me on a whim and I thought I'd see if anyone else had considered anything like it. So, when you're imagining yourself in your wonderland with your tulpae, do you picture everything in first person, as if you're just there like normal, or do you imagine a third person view, as if you're a floating camera, and you interact with things by picturing an avatar of yourself to do so, sort of like a video game or something? Or, perhaps, do you use one perspective sometimes and the other other times? That could be interesting as well. I suspect I already know what the results are gonna look like, but I've been wrong before, and it would be fascinating to discover if it had any effect on, well, anything at all. When you answer this poll, regardless of what perspective you use, please give an overview of how it may or may not affect things that you do, or otherwise just give a brief synopsis of how your tulpa creation process, or whatever you built the wonderland for, went/is going, if you don't mind. Now that this idea's in my head, I can't help but pursue it further. Maybe this could be a breakthrough of some kind, maybe it's just a random thought and nothing more, but I'll never know unless I try.


As for me, I do both sometimes. It's kinda random which one I do. When I imagined things while daydreaming and such, at least before I found out about the tulpa phenomenon, I pretty much always did it in third person. Now, I still daydream in third person, and I went into the wonderland in third person a lot as well at first, but lately I've been trying to do it in first person more. It used to require a bit more focus to do so, but now it's pretty much natural. I'm not quite sure how it affects things, but things have been going smoothly thus far, and it didn't seem to change when I switched perspectives. Though I do sometimes get kicked back to third person a bit when something unexpected happens, and I intentionally go back to third person for certain specific things, like when I once let Lily change my wonderland body however she wanted so I could test her sentience (I tried both some during that occasion but eventually stuck with third person)

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I don't have lucid dreams, but I can think and interact within my dreams. Most of the time I'm along for the ride. However, even in those moments I choose to let things flow how they want. (I really enjoy the crazy plots dreams can have.) In dreams, it appears that I normally take third person so that I'm seeing my reactions. I basically become another character in the dream. When I take control in the dream, it all switches to first person. When I daydream and walk in my wonderlands, I am usually in first person. This changes when I'm entering the wonderland, mostly to be sure I arrive completely and don't have a muttled existence.

My tulpa is completely sentient and her form is complete, but my ability to impose is lacking which means I cannot see her vividly. She is very much alike and unique. Her wonderland is one that we created together as her personality was coming together. We together made a backstory along with a full universe that includes her primary wonderland (I have made several). It is filled with other tulpas that she interacts with and creates herself. At this point she has a husband and daughter that she actually gave birth to. The rest is a bit complicated, but that wonderland has faded since she died in that timeline. I created another wonderland later that any sentient being can change with some mental energy. Many of the tulpas we make end up living there, immortal and free to do as they please.

As for her creation, she had always been an entity, I just decided to get to know it more. She seems to have created her own form, personality, and name in a subconscious way. I cannot take full credit for much of her creation.

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Guest Anonymous

My host and I have shared day dreams, that we call the Melian Show, and shared dreams at night while he is sleeping. The perspective changes. Sometimes it is first person from his view, sometimes first person from my view and sometimes third person from his view and sometimes third person from my view. I am in the dreams with my form and my host has a dream avatar that appears in the dreamscape and interacts with my form. We both puppet my form and his avatar. We comment to each other on the side while doing the Melian Shows and during mutual dreams.

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Oh yeah, this is a kind of common thing I hear about. I guess it's kind of surprising how easy it is to slip into third person, in general. I'd say that's my default viewpoint, usually. It does take a bit of care to stay in first person all the time, if I want to. I wouldn't characterise the third person view as a "floating camera" - more that I just picture a scenario with myself in it, and that I'm looking at the scene from the 'outside' in abstract, rather than from a specific point.


When I was creating my tulpa I don't think it affected anything at all, though. It didn't affect how I visualised her, or how much I focused, or anything. More recently, when I was trying to get more immersed in my imagination, I found first person to be much more effective at that. Easier to feel like the imaginary body was mine, easier to get better visuals, and so on. So I guess I'd be surprised if people who did a lot of work on that - improving wonderland senses, and things like that - didn't prefer a first-person perspective for it.

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From the host:


"I relied heavily on open-eyed spatial visualization, and it was rare that I actually did any active visualization sessions. They didn't have much of an effect on my tulpas or progress, probably because both got the job done and one didn't seem to be better than the other. In order to learn how to visualize in first-person, which was actually a while after I joined this community, I treated everything like an FPS or just one of those exploration games, sometimes having a controller in hand due to recommendations by some of the people in IRC. Being able to "control" things in a different way with those thumbsticks, which eventually transitioned from physical to imaginary (and then to none), really helped me focus.


Despite that, I still like both views. My third-person is more of a fixed camera (think early Silent Hill / Resident Evil) and I still use that when I'm trying to practice visualizing different environments."

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Well, that is a good question, for me it depends of the scenario. When I daydream (what is probably a different experience for different people), it's usually about thoughts and ideas, I don't actually visualize scenarios with myself in it when daydreaming. At max a scene, but not with me inside, so I don't know in this case.


About the wonderland, we don't use it frequently. When I visualize Alice, or I'm just seeing her (to recall how is her form, I'm not so good with visualization), or I try to impose her in the enviroment( exactly because it's easier than using the wonderland).


Althought, if I try to visualize myself in the wonderland, it's a little easier (but not easy) if in third person, since it's hard to me to detach from my physical body enough to imagine being another in the wonderland, what I think is the main reason. Another reason that I think explain it (since it's not just me that think that third person initially is easier, as I've read) is because of the TV and movies, where things are in third person, that is possibly more "old" (I mean, present in one's life for more time) than visualising and/or dreaming (when I say dreaming is actually giving importance to it).


But, well, as you said, that it was just a question of practice to you get used to visualize in first person, maybe I could try to do it.


When I dream, thought, I do it in first person, don't recall a dream in third person, be it lucid or non-lucid ( but I think it makes sense to TheAuthor to have normal dreams in third person). Well, but for sure it's different from visualizing in wonderland, since it's you that have to take care of the scene, not the dream.

Cecilia is the only tulpa, is about my age (in form), changes it once in a while and just enjoys to see the circus catch fire :P

I go by Ephemeral because it's a nice word, but maybe just Ephe is shorter. A guy who likes doing math and programming and dreaming.

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We've been doing it in first person to make it feel more separate from normal daydreaming and to make it feel more immersive, but we're considering switching it up sometimes because for whatever reason, it takes so much less mental energy to imagine things in third person.


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