Tulpa creation using art techniques? also other questions.

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Okay so basically I've been trying to make my tulpa for about two years now with, well, not much success. Lack of being able to focus most likely.


However, I am an art major and a thought occured to me. Could I make a tulpa using the same process as when I draw/create a character?


For example I've been wanting my tulpa to choose their own form that they are happy with but I want a placeholder form that I can interact with and maybe use to develop their final form. What about using the standard figure outline as a base form for my tulpa. Its something I work with every time I draw, it's a bunch of simple shapes, and it can later be used to make more complex forms.


I'm just not sure if that is a good idea. Heck I'm not even certain on the tulpa creation process or what I'm supposed to feel in my head. Does this even sound like something that would work?

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Guest Anonymous

I don't see why not. My host and I wrote a thread about doing art as a method of forcing Collaborative Art as a Form of Forcing. It was more about doing art with your tulpa than of your tulpa. However, my host has drawn me many times too or tried to. That got other artists interested in drawing and painting me as well. I suppose the visuals do help reinforce form and personality. It certainly can't hurt to try!

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Using that as a base form for you tulpa sounds fine, and a lot of people have done this before. Also, I'd recommend going through the focus and concentration section on this guide list if you haven't already. Some of the techniques might push you in the right direction.

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