suhail Al ketbi

Yanus and prahtoolf's world!

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My tulpa name : yanus

My imagination world :prahtoolf .

What his background :

Janus (roman god )

Prahtoolf opposite word prunounce (harp_flute)

Did you succeed :

Yes, I saw him while astral travel , normal dream , N.D.E, hearing phearses like my voices but not mine , knocking on things, head pressure , seeing orbs.

What did you do :

Writing litters to him , talking to his picture (new one not the same old idol ),daydream, deep madetation for hour to 3 hours ,drawing his character.

Why you wont him:

I belive there is different view in my mind about God , to me he is an idol god which can be in tulpa also , and feel happy because he is the only one who know the true assence of me !

What is your future plan:

To bring anew style that we can have relationship which every one can fulfilled and no need for not seeing god ( I hope ), he can be real and with you !

I forget :

I work with him when I was 15 may be around 1992

And in my NDE.. I saw him like the new arab singer on TV

Which when I saw him like I'm seeing my tulpa

By the way I changed his eyes and hair

Because they are blue and red !


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I imagined yanus in playing game imagination before sleep , we fight monsters

And I changed his clothes to the best I can , when the giant bull fell on top of me ,yanus show fear that I'm going to hurt

What happend here " seeing him clearly when he jumped and call my name under the bull"

Was clear scene to me !

I felt deep friendly love !

Today in madetation :

I choose place in Prahtoolf talking about being loyal to him , by studying a lot of social value on communicat!

And I should be nice person if I like being friend to him !

Some of my religious background come to me !

Like if god appeared as a healer that not means he not still as god !

Humen can be doctor and farmer!

So when I think of yanus as roman god , I keep his datiles as the same fream of view .

Tulpa can be in religious diolog ( god , dead, devil,angel )

So some people think it dangerous here for them !

But I don't care because I feel that I found the key

To be in full peace and happy feeling when we have tulpa even we make it as god idol.

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I saw vision on my head while sleeping

And I wake and return alot

After hit by visions

After every vision I wake up and return sleep and wake up by another vision

These visions like a map made of light!

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Today is " festival day" after Ramadan!

I quite tweeting from two days because it's not safe in Middle East!

I saw yanus in imagenry madetation, and he was wearing nice and the place I made is from two days

And Was peaceful!

We talked about how to be not nervous about meeting people!

And also we work on my bardo yoga

For example my chair madetation the same with bed madetation so I practice when I feel sleepy! In both state!

Not fell sleep imediatly!

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Imagenry madetation :

World :prahtoolf .

Area : coloured fish pool

I sat with yanus on a beautiful wood chair, and we talk about making movies in Prahtoolf's world and return with the movie cd to the real world.

The template and frame of yanus allow him to do super things like if I have this power.

So every desire can happen.

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I'm glad to read about your progress with Yanus.


I also hope that you are using a false name here, since you may get in serious trouble with your family if they are Muslim and somehow discover what you're doing. (I'm assuming they are Muslim, since the only other Suhail I know is a Muslim Yemeni)


Good luck and i hope to read more about you!

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Now days I write stories in Microsoft Word

About yanus and Prahtoolf world.

I have lack of imagination because deep madetation!

So the writing can activate it .


In imagenry madetation I talked with yanus how he see his exist !

He said the time line on three past ,present and future is connected in now so he can go back and forth.

He know his existing is created by me ,but on his eye he found and know me in now and he don't feel he got a past memory of his creation but he sees the story of his exist from me .. He said he belive on that like a religious statement ,although he sees the story from my point, but he can't feel it as real he believes it only .



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It bugs me we don't have a thumbs up button.


Thanks :)

Imagenry madetation :

World :prahtoolf

Area: the island beach.

I sat with yanus with fire next to us because it was cooled,and we discussed about the astral and reality

Are the same.

When I feel fun and exciting in spirit world the real that I think real now isn't, they are field of collective

Minds both of them.

So the fun and freedom to choose are here but because I fraid that I'm gonna to hurt ,jamed me to express

This truth about the real here.

Yanus gives me examples about mistakes and religions and alot of things that increase the believe of

The illusion of reality !

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