suhail Al ketbi

Yanus and prahtoolf's world!

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Thank you " angry bear " and " reilyn_alley"


World : Prahtoolf.

Area : the shade of flowers.


I just smelled yanus perfume that I choose for him , and start entering my wonderland.


He was wearing white shirt with black part on his chest and hands , and short milky pant.


We talked about not to push our selves to feel happy , not trying so hard to feel happy , just be still and balance , no need to do the effort to feel good , just be still in every mood you are .

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World :prahtoolf.

Area : wood chair in park .


I noticed the perfume which I smelled before entering imagination , make a programme sensation link to seeing clearly .


We talked a bout not having any expectations and plans in a world we can't control .

Of course you focus on doing something as good is possible , but even that you can't control what comes .

My sister go to alot of evants and meetings and she said she had one workshop change her life a bout this subject .


So yanus a device me not to have expectations in world you can't control it , just surrended.

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