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No Luck with Switching

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Despite the misleading title of this thread, I and my tulpa haven't entirely .. failed at switching. I do get small twitches in my limbs, and I have gotten to the point where my body sorta went... dormant? Except, we didn't get to the step where your tulpa is supposed to take control of the body. I waited for this to happen, but it just... didn't. I heard my tulpa's voice very loudly in my head for about 5 minutes after the attempt (I haven't been able to achieve such volume since.)


Basically what I'm wondering is how we're supposed to go from "body dormant, host has given up control" to "tulpa takes control".

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Symbolism can be an important tool for switching, or many things tup related really.


When we switch, to get it to work right, we have to symbolically cross paths, and I go through a doorway and leave the area, while she jumps up in a seat at a big control panel with all kinds of levers and buttons and things. Once she's there, she can start to take control of the body.

I used to sit in a chair away from the control panel, but she'd often have to fight for control because I was still "too close" and would accidentally come back in somewhat, so I changed it to leave completely and it works much better.


Try different things until you find something you're comfortable with. From our experience, if you think something will work, it probably will. If it doesn't or is only mildly effective, try doing it in a different or more extreme way that you think might work.

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Heh... for us, it was the opposite problem. Our host was (and is still) bad at giving up control.


I'll second the symbolism thing. When we were first learning, we built a "control room" (seems a common symbol) in the Wonderland and visualized whoever wanted to switch in taking control. It definitely helped, while we were figuring it out.


It helps one of us step in if we have something we really want to do. Even if it's just going for a walk or grabbing something from the store, some sort of task helps someone who may not associate themselves as the owner of the body step in and start using it as a tool to accomplish that task. Full disclosure: I switch in pretty frequently, and it's usually because I want to get something done.


We've also found that using the voice makes us feel more confident in control. Sometimes, it's hard to tell who's controlling the legs while they walk, or who's moving the hand to grab something. But the voice carries parts of someone's personality and self, and hearing yourself echoed back to you in the real world can be a really powerful experience for a tulpa. Even though the voice itself will still be the host's, the word choice, intent, inflections, and other vocal quirks will be pretty clearly the tulpa. So, one trick we occasionally do if we want to switch but it's going slowly is that the host and the headmate who wants to switch will start talking to one another. Doesn't matter about what, and the host doesn't have to talk out loud... but the headmate will be trying to answer out loud. Once they do, they've usually switched in successfully.


Also know that it may not always be... distinct. Sometimes, switching can get blendy. We have the same problem YourCatBeany does, where the host unintentionally hovers close to the front. She's gotten better at stepping away, but that sort of thing just takes training and confidence on the part of the tulpa.


Which is another thing we've found... the more naturally confident the tulpa is, the easier it is for them to step in... at least for us. So make sure your tupper feels nice and confident about what it means to be them. It's a lot easier for them to eclipse their will over yours that way. ;)

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I'm wondering is how we're supposed to go from "body dormant, host has given up control" to "tulpa takes control".


I do not switch, because I do not like it so you know where I am speaking from...but, from the armchair I guess your tulpa can eclipse you if or when they want to as you let them. But mine don't like it either, so that's a possibility. Maybe it won't happen because they don't want to because they don't like it!


Another approach could be considering the ideomotor effect. It's an explanation behind ouija boards, that rather than a ghost forming the words it is the subconscious mind that nudges involuntary muscles to spell something out that makes sense. Maybe that can become a tulpa springboard? (Personally though mine always came out gibberish, so instead I sometimes do automatic writing that's more semi-out-of-it thinking and I write down thoughts with the body I am in full control of.)

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Basically what I'm wondering is how we're supposed to go from "body dormant, host has given up control" to "tulpa takes control".


I always saw it as the tulpa taking the role of the conscious experiencer of this reality while the host, in this case, me, is a conscious experiencer of what goes on mentally inside the mind. No need to shut down the body in the process, as the brain is going to be carrying out functions for the body and mind either way. Through symbolism, and the fact that it's a shift in awareness with switching, it's just finding activities to do mentally to where the person eventually has little, to no awareness over what's going on in reality.



The fear people may have could be that disembodied kind of feeling that just feels weird, but over time, a person will get used to it. I don't want to limit you to just a few ways to make that transition, but I think your confusion is more of a theoretical one, and once you get that theoretical approach right, you're free to exercise the concept through whatever symbolism, and tools to get there. Switching seems to be piling a lot of questions on the tulpa's shoulders without answering them yourself, and I think due to that assessment of finding your own answer is why it seems difficult. In other words, when you find a way to answer what it means to be sentient, what it means to have qualia/inner experiences, and all that fun stuff, it gets a bit easier. To some, this requires a greasy fedora and british monocle, unfortunately, but I don't even have the funds to acquire these things, and yet, I feel confident anyone can do it without those regardless. We have the Internet for that, thankfully.

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