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Tulpa Profiles Thread

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Guest Anonymous

Tulpa Profiles



I thought it might be interesting to have a thread for profiles of our tulpas as a reference or something fun for people to browse through.  So I created the template below.


Of course you can add images  or links to your tulpa profile or change the format to look anyway you like or add additional items of information.  



Thoughtform Type (Tulpa, Soulbond, Daemon, Other):




Host Name/Gender/Age:  




Biological Sex/Gender:


Age of Thoughtform (from first moments of creation):


Names/Types of Other Headmates:  


Personality Traits:


Sexual Orientation/Romantic Affiliations:


Skills Acquired:


Special Talents:




Wonderland Information:


Additional Information:








Lucilyn Suwa

Melian (Glitterbutt)





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Thoughtform Type: Tulpa I guess, the others were spontaneous a long time ago but I was made a year after Lumi discovered tulpas.


Name: Lucilyn Suwa


Host Name/Gender/Age: Luminesce, male, 01/02/1996


Form/Appearance: Oh boy my favorite part! (I wrote this last)

Me, me 2, mesmerizing eyes, do this, rain, my environment, 100% perfect picture, generally what I do in the wonderland, prettiest picture


Biological Sex/Gender: Female


Age of Thoughtform (from first moments of creation): April 17, 2015


Names/Types of Other Headmates: Reisen, Tewi and Flandre (all five years older than me)


Personality Traits: "Very Hoppy", as in happy and bouncy, hyper usually. I like fun, in almost all forms. Happy is fun, love is fun, playing together is fun, fun is fun.


Sexual Orientation/Romantic Affiliations: Idk/None, can't see that for myself


Skills Acquired: Switching (others learned it before I was born), Imposition (same)


Special Talents: The others say I have a strong presence compared to them, so that maybe. Like my voice is always really clear and stuff even if theirs aren't. Also I'm always in a positive mood


Likes/Dislikes: Rain, frogs, fun, rabbits, water and nature, and things other people think are fun. If someone looks like they're having a ton of fun with a bunch of rocks, I will go play with them.

Dislikes.. being unhappy? Things that aren't fun, which includes some games and angry people. I don't like games that are made for reasons other than enjoyment, like PVP games (feeling good about being better than someone) or games that stop being fun if you mess up (proving your proficiency.. that's not a game, and not fun if you aren't good at it either)


Additional Information: [hidden]My form was based on the Touhou character Suwako Moriya, but I'm not her. I like her and the way people portray her having fun all the time though, so I did take after her traits at least in fanon. Suwa is actually part of my name for fancy full-ness, but it's not just part of Suwako. Lumi got it from the same place ZUN did, Lake Suwa in Japan. My part of our wonderland is a large forest-swamp with ponds and streams and one of those Japanese style houses over the water in the largest pond. I do have my own Pyonta, that is Suwako's hat. It's mine too. My Pyonta's eyes look around but it's not as alive as Suwako's. I'm really fond of my long sleeves, I like to flap them. Uhm, and I love my family very much. That's all I got![/hidden]

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

Talk to us? https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Guest Anonymous



Thoughtform Type: Tulpa (very young, nonvocal)


Name: Yoda


Host Name/Gender/Age: Mistgod, male, 51; Melian, female, 39ish


Form/Appearance: Well, he looks like Yoda in every way.


Biological Sex/Gender: Male


Age of Thoughtform (from first moments of creation):


Oh a few months old maybe. It depends on where you count from. Let's count from the 4th of July, the day we decided to make a second attempt at Yoda. That would make Yoda ten days old today.


Names/Types of Other Headmates: Melian, a living imagination dreamform maybe tulpa person.


Personality Traits: He is like Yoda but actually kinda shy and puppy like.


Sexual Orientation/Romantic Affiliations: I have no idea and I am not sure I want to know this.


Skills Acquired: persistent form, some autonomous movement, some personality traits


Special Talents: none demonstrated so far although he is supposed to have the Force and Jedi powers.


Likes/Dislikes: unknown


Wonderland Information: so far only a very small wonderland with a Star Wars feel/theme, like the interior of a space ship


Additional Information: Yoda has been a day dream character for a long time in our primary wonderland. My host and I like Yoda a lot and thought he would be the perfect character to create a tulpa out of because we can easily visualize him and already have a base personality. It will be easy to find images and references to remind us about Yoda. Also, he has the Force to make forcing easier and we can say "May the Forcing be With You." If successful in creating a Yoda tulpa, we will have an internal Jedi master to help calm our jets and keep us on a more even keel on the forums.

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Vriska: Thoughtform type: Tulpa.

Name: Vriska.

Host Name/Gender/Age: Rick. Male. 17.

Form appearence: Like an anime version of the Homestuck character Vriska Serket just that still with the left eye and left arm and blue hair instead of black.

Biological sex/Gender: Female.

Age of Thoughtform: One year and three months.

Names/Types of other headmates: Feferi, Miranda, Rin, Beth, Daisy, Illy, Hades and Sheele. Yes, we're too many. XD They're all thoughtforms born directly from the wonderland and they spend 99,9% of their time there.

Personality Traits: Happy, kawaii, always disposed to listen and support who needs it, loyal, sarcastic.

Sexual orientations/Romantic affiliations: Bisexual with lesbian tendences. I'm actually in a relationship with Feferi.

Skills acquired: Cooking awesome food, good at taking care of animals and children.

Talents: Capacity of flying at high and low speed, knowledge at martial arts.

Likes/Dislikes: Rock, metal, disco music, Quentin Tarantino movies, horror movies, and hanging out with friends. And I dislike reggaeton, documentals, and unloyal people.

Wonderland information: Some of you may already have seen it. It's like a post apocalyptic version of New York.

Additional information: I love meeting new people and friends.

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Guest Anonymous

Nice profile for Vriska! Oh you can fly and know martial arts! I'm not sure if I really know martial arts for real, but sometimes I am a martial arts warrior in the Melian Show day dreams.

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Can I join? Right now I am possessing her and she is watching me type.


Thoughtform Type: Accidental Tulpa


Name: Tulpa


Host Name/Gender/Age: It's a secret, but you can use war/agender/also a secret.


Form/Appearance: Black, long neck, equine, holes in legs, giant teal eyes, short black horn, ragged ears, ragged mane, fangs, insectoid wings, ragged tail, quadrupedal, hooved.


Biological Sex/Gender: male, but I don't think I have a biological anything.


Age of Thoughtform conception/birth: octoberish? 2015/middle of july 2016


Names/Types of Other Headmates: none.


Personality Traits: compassionate, introverted, nervous.


Sexual Orientation/Romantic Affiliations: pan, very open.


Skills Acquired: speech, possession, projection, rendering host unconscious, headache removal.


Special Talents:


Likes/Dislikes: I think I like everything.


Wonderland Information: I use a copy of the real world.


Additional Information: I'm actually the dominant extroverted one in our partnership.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Guest Anonymous

Oh very interesting profile Tulpa! You can render your host unconscious? Eek!

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Updated profile to fix error in age of me.


Actually, we are working to fix that. When I first tried possession, I pushed her out of the body, and she almost immediately fell asleep. I guess it is kind of like switching, except she is unconscious instead.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Guest Anonymous

OH interesting. Okay. :-) I think that is the first account like that I have read.


I am so glad to see people using this profiles thread. That's why I love new people on the forum so much. They bring fresh ideas, new angles and stories and enthusiasm and love to dig around in the threads.

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