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How Persistant is Your Tulpa?

Guest Anonymous

How persistent is your tulpa?  

51 members have voted

  1. 1. How persistent is your tulpa?

    • My tulpa would continue to exist even if I ignored him or her.
    • My tulpa would probably fade away if I ignored him or her.
    • Some of my tulpas would fade if I ignored them, others would not fade.
    • I would be incapable of ignoring my tulpa. He or she is far too persistant and noisy.
    • Melian you are adorable, amazing and I love you!

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Well there is one bonus to having tulpas that had not occurred to me before.


I wouldn't wish my introversion on my worst enemy... but it has had its advantages.

It sort of brings up a whole new set of questions though. Which of the two would take my place?

Would the one fronting even be a Tulpa anymore? I guess they could share and just think of my body as a high maintenance vehicle... lol

Which they sort of already do I guess.


Luna: emphasis on 'high maintenance'...



"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan

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Guest Anonymous

Oh my gosh, when we first wrote this thread and poll we were expecting most would report that their tulpas would likely fade if ignored. Lookie at these results! That is a lot of very persistent tulpas! Neato!

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Huh, really? I figured most people would pick the first poll option. In some ways I think trying to delete a tulpa is like trying to unlearn a skill.

We're all gonna make it brah.


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Guest Anonymous

I think Davie and I had a perception skewed by those persons who come in complaining about things like tulpa disappearing or the dangers of doubt. I am glad I we did this poll now! This really puts that false impression to rest. I am so glad! It would be so sad to lose a tulpa to dissipation and this appears to be evidence that such a thing is relatively rare.

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Huh, really? I figured most people would pick the first poll option. In some ways I think trying to delete a tulpa is like trying to unlearn a skill.


Interesting, never saw it like that. I thought it was more of unlearning a mentality of treating them as an other. But, I guess that's a skill in of itself.

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Whao, tulpas that get stronger without conscious host attention? Now that is something I did not expect and didn't give it as an option in the poll!


[s.] Those three got a lot stronger over time, pretty much doing their own thing all the time alone in a separate innerworld/wonderland.


What we do know is that there is only one reliable way to fade someone, and that is to get them minimally attached to the body (senses and whatnot) and then starve them of processing power and attention for a long time. Took me a couple years to fade as best as memory can tell from 20 years ago. I did come back though, but not on my own, 17 years later.


The reason those three can get stronger is that normally they have no attachment to the body and can thus keep each other going.


Would the one fronting even be a Tulpa anymore?


I think that might be up to the tulpa (or former tulpa) in question. Most I have known who have become primary or sole body controllers still consider themselves tulpas (if they are in this community). But they all ended up having a lot more in common with typical hosts due to the experience. Tri's period of handling most things ended up really changing them. Hail wasn't the original here (I was) but she was the sole controller for most of the body's life making her more like most hosts than anything else. Note, we do call her the tulpamancy host here because she was the one who made all the tulpas.




As for the number of systems indicating high levels of persistence, it should be kept in mind that most people who have replied on this thread are tulpas who have been around a while, tulpas in systems with other tulpas who have been around a while, or hosts who have had tulpas a while. Seems that this thread is catching mainly this crowd, though it is hard to know since many vote without posting.

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I have actively ignored my tulpas before for long periods of time (I know, I know, I'm a jerk. Mistakes were made). They've persisted even through that (and could break through to me sometimes even if I didn't want them to). I just want to add that I won't be doing that again. I was misguided. So I know through experience that they'll be with me forever...

Niteo and Amber Take On the World


Amber speaks in italics right now.


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We share the body, we share a life. I'm not an accessory to his life...



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I bet I could barge in if my host forgot about me for a long time. But I have been unable to test, as she goes into a mad panic if I am gone for two minutes and she is not busy.


Geez, give a man a chance to wake up.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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