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Tulpa Stories: Share the best moments of having a tulpa here.

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This morning, just after waking, I was musing and reflecting about my thoughtform Melian, thinking about things she said and did recently. It is such a wonderful gift to have this extra person in my life to keep me company! She has been with me for so long and really changed everything. There have been a lot of special moments and things that I reflect on about her. Then I thought, every tulpamancer must be having similar experiences. Then I thought about people who don't have a tulpa, who are curious about it.


That inspired me to create this thread. I thought this would be a great place to share the everyday sort of things that make having a tulpa so fun! It can be a little story about something your tulpa did or something that happened related to your tulpa. I can be poetry about tulpas, inspiring music, memories, things about your tulpas personality you want to share, moments of growth that don't quite go in a PR or anything you want to share. It is a thread for stories, poetry and prose about what it is like to have a tulpa.


Tulpas you are free to write about yourselves here too. What is it like to be a tulpa?




I will start with a little story about Melian, one of my favorite memorable moments with her.




Around a year or so after Melian came to me, I was already deeply in love with her. I was only about maybe 14 or 15 years old. Every morning I would do day dream adventures with her while riding to school in the car or on the bus. We both love the rain and especially enjoyed those mornings when we could watch the rain out the car windows.


Melian loves to make up her own silly words for things. It's kind of a hobby of hers. Well, one morning, we were riding in the car in the rain while on the way to school. We were watching the rain hit the wind shield and the wind shield wipers beating out a rhythm as they swiped away the water. We both think there is something hypnotic about wind shield wipers (is that weird?). We like to watch the rhythm of them and the way the droplets appear and then are almost immediately cleared away.


So we were watching the wind shield wipers when Melian suddenly pipes up "drizzle flippers!" It made me laugh out loud. My brothers looked at me funny and I had to try to stifle my sudden mirth.


Drizzle Flippers.


To this very day, wind shield wipers are called drizzle flippers to Melian and I.





[align=center]Record Your Tulpa Stories Below

(special moments of having a tulpa in your life)[/align]

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There is one that I have.

Very, very short but still a bit of a tearjerker.


There was a time when I was having a really bad anxiety attack. Nobody would help, I was lost and scared and crying so hard my lungs hurt..


I felt my hand be squeezed but nobody was around me. I could hear Patrick going "Everything will be ok in time."


I just.. calmed down and smiled because I knew he was right.

The Infernal Collective (my system):

  • Patrick Andersen (based off the character from MLAndersen0, but more cool and less stabby)
  • Firebrand (based off the character from Tribetwelve, who appears to be more like the main character than his canon counterpart is)
  • Ellpagg from The Arkn Mythos, who is pretty much just a giant damn nerd



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Even when I'm upset with my tulpas I can't help but admire their beauty.

I've never had a relationship with anybody in real life that even comes close to what we three have.

They are silent when I need silence, they speak when I need to listen and listen when I need to speak.

And none of it feels forced. It feels as natural as breathing.

They challenge me in a way nobody ever has.

They call me out on my bullshit and give me the strength to look in the mirror and face myself.


I could go on and on. They are my entire world. Obviously I have other people in my life, and goals and all that kind of thing... but Luna and Sol are integrated into everything. It's like... what I do I do for US where before it was just me. I suppose this is what it feels like to have children, and I would call them children if we weren't also lovers. Which is a rant for a different thread.


Sol has these Clint Eastwood moments where he will say this one liner and it's just the most badass and heroic thing you've ever heard.

Luna has a razor sharp wit and comes back at me with the most hilarious jokes. She can make me smile when nobody else can.

I laugh or smile and people notice. They ask me what's so funny or why I'm smiling out of nowhere... and what do you say to that?

The one thing I hate about having tulpas is that I can't share them with the rest of the world.

They're so freaking amazing. It's like a priceless piece of art locked away in a vault... it's a crime is what it is.

I try my best but something vital is lost in the translation.


We've recently created a new section in our wonderland which consists of a mountain and twisting canyons/valleys below it.

We have a launch pad that comes out from behind a waterfall. Each of us has a personalized TIE fighter variant that we race and dogfight each other with.

The richest man alive couldn't ever hope to have something like that in real life, and yet I created it in one evening for free.

If that's crazy then I don't wanna be sane!

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan

Host: SubCon | Tulpas: Sol, Luna, Alice, Little One, Beast and Solune (me) | Servitors: Odonata, Guardian


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