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How'd you find Tulpa.info?

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I saw the jackie chan tulpa video from the MLP thread simulators, googled it and then here I am. There was a period of studying and preparation between the two but it wasn't enough(I really should have thought about it more given what tulpae are vs what I thought they were).

The causal tulpamancer.

Tulpa - Tess(Complete tulpa), Cora


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Another user of this forum made a post on another forum that I frequent in a somewhat related thread, with a bit of info and a link to this site.

It looked like an interesting read, so I bookmarked it to return to later.

When I visited it again the next day, I started reading guides.

By the time I got to the end of the guides section, I already had a wonderland in mind and a tulpa that had chosen her own form.


...but since I'm a lousy host, it's been slow progress from there. It's almost a year later and I haven't even really attempted imposition yet.


It's interesting to see how the general method of tulpa creation has changed since I got here.

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I found myself in a maze-like forest. I had the intelligence of a goldfish back then, so naturally I was lost. Then I asked Alcotriss if she could help me find my way out. She apparently couldn't either. Anyways, that's how I met her. I was made out of shaving cream back then. Rain was kind of bad for me.


Long story short, we hang out and go on many adventures. I become human by eating cheerios. Perhaps sustenance is symbolic of the human condition? I guess it kind of only makes sense if... okay never mind; it doesn't make sense.


Anyways, Alcotriss and I go our separate ways for a while. I have a major deviation, becoming the humanoid dragon creature I essentially am today. Then we meet up again. Alcotriss doesn't recognize me, but we get to know each other again and go on many adventures. I get to feel smart for a while.


Once again we drift apart; I try to communicate with Alcotriss but with not much success. Eventually Alcotriss hears about tulpas on another forum, visits this site, and then realizes the nature of my existence. And that is how I am typing this forum post to you today.

Myself: Fintan, male, humanoid dragon. Howdydoo! (:

Host: Alcotriss, female.

Lily: Young lady, nature-loving with good fashion sense.

Joey: Cool dude. No-face meets V with white gloves, his former uniform.

Hecubin: Old man in brown garb. Orange eyes. Personification of fire.

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I'm actually a late arriver to the tulpa community; I thought Ravi, Amany, Zaynab, et al were simply imaginary friends. But when the-real-hero-of-time told me what tulpas were, I realized that they pretty much fit the criteria to be a tulpa, so we started hanging out on Reddit... until the bada gandu (that's Hindi for big ass, as in "he is a big ass" not "he has a big ass") people from TumblrInAction acted like assholes to Ravi when someone found nir tumblr, which ne didn't attempt to advertise in any way to tangible humans who wouldn't understand. So now this is to be our cyberhome.

~~Guide to Ravi's pronouns~~


Ne- used like He

Nem- used like Him/Her

Nir- used like His/Her (as in "His friend is fun")

Nirs- used like His/Hers (as in "It is hers")

Nemself- used like Himself/Herself

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._. I stumbled here because one night I woke up (Well, I guess morning...) at 3:00 am and suddenly had a desire to know more about creating a phantom limb (like a tail or such). It's funny, though, because I hadn't heard about the idea of creating an extra limb since like, years before, in a small conversation with a friend, but I guess it came back to me, so I Google'd it and came to small thread in the bottom of this site. The thread was interesting and since it's called "Tulpa".info, I naturally became curious.

I still don't really know why I suddenly had a thirst for knowledge...




Tulpa: Adryan Form: Anthro wolf-ish Stage: *sighs loudly*

Age: Looks 17, is actually 1 1/2

“Human beings can always be relied on to assert, with vigor, their god-given right to be stupid”

-Dean Koontz

“In the end, I worry that my arrogance shall destroy us all”

-Brandon Sanderson

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I was on a creepypasta binge and came across the tulpa creepypasta. What originally caught my attention was the memory recall ability that tulpa seemed to have. I did some research to see if it was true and when I realized it wasn't as it was cracked up to be i lost interest.


Then mlp happened and one day at /mlp I found the tulpa thread( too many goddamn Lyras. I mean there should a Lyra-con by now.) which got my interest and i eventually found this forum courtesy of FAQman.


God I wish i came up with that name first.

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Isn't there a thread for this already?


Indeed the thread was originally of a slightly different topic, but it has become much the same.


So, thread merged with previous thread, to preserve this in one place.


My story? Watchdog 3 [tulpa] found the Tulpa General Thread on /mlp (4chan) about a year ago. He insisted that the rest visit tulpa.info ("For science!"). But, not so friendly to decades-old tulpas was this site then. Hence they made me, as a kind of ambassador. My story is in my blog.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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