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How'd you find Tulpa.info?


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I googled Tulpamancy after being unsure if this is a fitting term for Cletus or not. 


Found this forum and decided to make an account. I don't really think it fits though. 


I don't actively practice it. Even though I view Cletus as an individual connected to me I don't consider myself a system or plural. 


I actually have another one of these guys by now: Stella. I once again just roll with it now. Try to interact with her/me (She's kind of both. Hard to explain.) and let this develop.

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A friend recommend it to me and told me I should join as well ^ ^

If you see this color that means Jan is speaking : ) or sign off like this - Jan he/him

I dont have a "name" i go by online just call me speaker. she/her host

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A protogenic friend recommended it to me, they misspelled it but I found out, I told him tulpamancy was right for someone like me, who needs that constant friendship/found family interaction, and he showed me it

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Reanna: We looked for plurality resources and saw this on a list of links. On tulpamancy, I think it was a writer's quote I was trying to remember while freaking out over my characters becoming people. (I spent a month trying to figure out what they were.)

MuC Redux: [N~-=$] [Pf/xo] [Ab(r/+)] [S.H+/o] [Opa/"outergenic"] [Mt/nd] [W*-~$!] [C(cc/m*#)] [OF(r/o+++)] [F*+^"deist"/~+/a+/div+^/mw+^]  [Mpsy+/ast=/spi+/mag] [Rf/p/r+] [(V)*] [Xb/as/h] [Gf/m/b] [Jwr/st] [S(r---/o-)] [R*]

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I’m not sure how I found out about tulpas, but I looked it up, and found tulpa.info! I think I found out about tulpamancy while I was just scrolling on YouTube, but I don’t really remember.

Hi! I’m the host of the Keyboard System!
🦜 or green text= Kat, tulpa. 
🪷 or normal text= Host/Main owner of this account.

We also have Lia and Cosm/Cosmo, but they don’t want to practice possession or switching for a while, so you won’t see much of them.

My friend Olive may also post through this account, their tulpas are Opal and Prince.

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We were kind of looking around for a forum focused on plurality at large, seeing that our own origins are uh, a little murky. The only thing that's clear is that only one of us is actually a tulpa, created intentionally, our other headmates being formed without direct intent. We made our account months ago, but wondered if we would be shunned off the site for that fact. We opted to sleep on it, talk about it later, but sadly this site soon faded from our minds. We rediscovered this site today, or last night if you want to be pedantic seeing that it's after midnight, and decided to say fuck it and start posting.



The Game

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"Ooh, tulpas. That's cool. I wonder where I can find info about tulpas..."

Hey, it's Zephyr and Midnight!


"Don't judge someone for whether they fall but rather how they rise."

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