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In case if scary tulpa delete is the only option?

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I have read that while it is rare it is possible that the tulpa you are creating end (or actually start?) being very scary and also the recommendations are like ignore it and it will dissapear/die/stop existing whatever


Has anyone thought if it is possible to make it change? I know it could be hard for anyone but dont you guys say that creating a tulpa is kinda like creating life (i mean should be treated with respect and put some real thought before doing it, its not just visions)? Someone that will be always with you? I feel like a scary tulpa is like a tulpa with impurities caused by... I dunno, bad concentration, forcing after watching some terror movies or while sleepy, etc.


So it would be possible to "purify" the tulpa by putting some real effort in "healing" them with serious forcing instead of ignoring it to death?


I ask this because (while I have never created a tulpa really want to create one) what if my tulpa ends being scary/creepy? I would feel scared sure but maybe Im the one to blame that it is the way it is... and I should be the one helping it instead of just press delete and start new game.


Sorry if my english is bad, feel free to tell me my mistakes so I can get better

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In the rare cases where someone reports that their tulpa is malicious, it's usually because they're mistreated, which is completely understandable. It's very unlikely to happen on its own out of nowhere, so don't let horror stories on the internet give you the wrong idea. You're not going to end up with a "scary tulpa" because of bad concentration or forcing after you've seen a horror movie - it's possible that you might get some bad intrusive thoughts because of the latter, but ignoring them and getting back to whatever it was you were doing usually doesn't take too much effort.

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Delete is usually not the only option, and dissipation is generally a "last resort" suggestion. Things like communication with the tulpa, setting up a reward/punishment system for them, and just generally meeting them halfway and acknowledging whatever it is they're kicking up a fuss about... those are all things that should be tried before an extreme like dissipation.


So in answer to your question, yes. I'm not sure what you were reading that made you think the main suggestion to a misbehaving tulpa is "delete and start over," because for most of us, that's usually the last thing suggested. For the very reasons you stated.

~ Member of SparrowNR's System ~

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One has to wonder in their journey in creating a tulpa that in order for them to end up being scary, or anything of negative implications is maybe due to the mentality they as the host had while creating them. Of course, I’m not sure all tulpas become an incarnate version of all your latent emotions, whatever they may be, and suddenly destroy any chance for you to flourish with them in some way. Who knows?


And even if they were to cultivate negative behaviors, instead of thinking it as preparing a kill-switch, maybe acknowledge the probability that they can change their demeanor over time. Just like how you would be treating them as sentient, or whatever mentality suits you, if there’s enough experiential context over time, I’m sure you’ll realize that change can be possible, especially if one presumes there’s a continuity of self that can be progressively changed. This could be a potential call to ‘purifying’ them, or ‘healing’ them, I guess.


Dissipation isn’t the only option, and I made a thread before about dissipation leading to a few cross-roads in assessing the conflict that made the host see it as a viable option. And the one I see that could be a likely trend is that over time, there’s a loss of novelty over what the host has done; as if all their efforts go in vain, and it may, or may not be difficult for them to reconcile with creating another one, or whatever experiential context that was left off before. These are just moments where we become paralyzed by our own intellect on what to do, but whatever decision you make is really up to you as we all end up taking ownership of the privacy of our minds.

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Guest Anonymous

One of the primary source documents for tulpas was the book Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David Neel. In that account, not only could other people see her tulpa that she created, but it went evil and she had to dissipate it. She made no attempt to heal it, or didn't mention any attempt to heal it. I wonder is she had tried if she would have been able to keep her Friar Tuck tulpa?


To her, tulpas were illusory but also magical in nature. According to her accounts, to Tibetan lamas, magicians and mystics, thought, magic and spiritualism all overlap. In the Western world we make firm divisions between the mind and the real world. But I often wonder if the Tibetans aren't on to something.

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You probably read one of those pinkie pie creepy pastas, eh?

I've been in threads like those, and they're all just role playing BS.

If that shit happened for real, the person would be way too preoccupied to get online and have a conversation about it.

Also, it's unlikely that a brand new tulpamancer would even be capable of creating a tulpa sophisticated enough to overpower its host.


You've got nothing to worry about, broski. But if you do get scared just remind yourself that love conquers all.

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan

Host: SubCon | Tulpas: Sol, Luna, Alice, Little One, Beast and Solune (me) | Servitors: Odonata, Guardian


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Guest Anonymous

Your tulpa is not going to be evil.


What about mischievous jokes or taunting that borders on being cruel?   


I suppose having a heart to heart talk could solve any issues like that.

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would be possible to "purify" the tulpa by putting some real effort in "healing" them with serious forcing instead of ignoring it to death?




But if my best loving effort has no effect, and I have a life of my own to live with so little time and energy: "Bye-bye!"

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This is why I visualize all of my servitors as programs, so that I can give them fail-safes.

Just last week one of them decided that "protecting the system" meant rounding up all the harmless little NPC animals and shoving them into stasis pods.

A friggin warehouse full of woodland critters heaped into piles... I tried not to laugh, I honestly did.

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan

Host: SubCon | Tulpas: Sol, Luna, Alice, Little One, Beast and Solune (me) | Servitors: Odonata, Guardian


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