Improving speech?

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Apparently a tulpa's voice is similar to that of an intrusive thought, at least at first. Eventually the tulpa's voice will find a kind of groove or consistency you can more easily identify, not unlike tuning into a specific frequency on a radio - to protract the analogy, you will of course get some interference, yet it's nothing compared to the clarity and strength you'll discover if you keep refining your efforts. Personally, I came upon said clarity without even knowing it: tulpas are persons of the mind and keen on making their existence and interactivity as natural as breathing if given half-a-chance.


One exercise I've read about influencing speech is to listen to lyrics in a particular song, then imagine your tulpa singing rather than the front-man/performer. If you're not musically inclined, I imagine super-imposing your tulpa's voice over that of a famous address or exchange may also benefit your reception.

I've seen good people bleed

And I thought I'd seen it all

But my own two eyes would prove me wrong that day.


There are things that I've done

Only seen by the sun

And those things will be buried in my grave.



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