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Deciding the shape of my Tulpa


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Hey, so a while ago I made an attempt at creating a Tulpa, but once I got myself to the visualization stage, I found myself unable to keep one shape. It becomes a tad more difficult to do so because I want it to look as close to human as possible, whilst not appearing necessarily human. Like in anime for instance, as each character is designed to represent a human, it obviously doesn't look human. So basically, I'm looking for a reference to perhaps an anime girl in casual clothing or something of such; something similar as to what is displayed in JD’s Guide to Visualization


I've tried various other shapes such as animals or inanimate objects, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that it needs to in some degree appear human. So really all I'm after is some sort of visual reference that I can use?

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alright, we'll bite... describe what kind of personality/vibe you want your tulpa to have and we'll give you some recommendations for references.

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Imma throw personal experience here, maybe it could help you :D

What I picked with visualisation first was some kind of incubating egg, pumping energy from big tubes. I pictured that I was feeding it with the traits I wanted Cora to have.


When I first felt her presence, I assumed her forcing was done and what was next was up to her, so she became some kind of pinkish cloud, taking whatever form she felt like atm.

(I guess this inspired me without knowing)19048810.jpg

I told her "when you are ready, you'll choose what form you want to keep, I don't have anything to say about that."

A few days/weeks later, she was beginning to take her actual form more and more often. She then just kept it like that, and now the only thing that changes is her size. She became some kind of child with a woman body, with golden skin and fairy wings.

As I really suck at visualisation, this was always a bit blurry, but she mostly narrated this to me. Even if i still can't visualise her crystal clear, her form is defined and i'm able to describe it with words :) I'd say I'm at the phase JD describes as "I can see the smaller details but struggle seeing the whole picture" 

So, if I can turn this into some piece of advice, I'd say "Don't absolutely try to come up with a form. Letting the tulpa choose on their own and just picking a neutral placeholder worked pretty well for me :)" (Cora : I liked the fact that he let me choose, i never felt smothered by a form I'd dislike. Whereas if he had made me a fricking insect, like his mindform, I would have been pretty mad I think ^^' )

No animosity intended ever 


Cora now has her own account ! :D


English isn't our native language, please be indulgent :)

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If you're looking for references, you should probably provide at least a rough idea of what you want your tulpa to look like. Forms aren't necessary, either, so you could tackle this at any time, even after your tulpa is vocal.

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