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If you require assistance or affirmations regarding yourself and your host, please let me know.


Please do not stay up for an entire week. [...]


Does your host object to you trying to wrest control from her?

I've searched the site for affirmation related stuff, and guides related to my health. Anyway, I'm better now.


If those types of problems come up, I'd consider the experiment a failure.


You got it backwards. She tries to wrest control from me. When I take control from her, it usually takes about ten seconds. :D I'd try to surprise her with it, but she can read me too well, and the effort takes a few minutes of preparation.


My host never objects to anything.


I do too.


No you don't.


You just never notice because you are a pushover.


You should try it. I highly recommend arm wrestling. Put the arm in a neutral location, both of you count down from five, and one of you try to move it left and the other right.


@Floh: Real spies get shot at, and have to do the boring parts. They also have to face moral conundrums.

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So this is really exciting. During our most recent experiment, she pushed me out of our head and I got a massive headache.


And she couldn't feel it!


Actually, it was pretty minor. She had only my word that it was real. Then I went back in and showed her, um, awesome!

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Guest Anonymous

So how does that work? Did the headache only happen in one part of the brain or was the headache some sort of tulpa-ish psychosomatic hallucination?

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No idea! I have no idea how I had a headache and she didn't.


Although, she was pretty tired at that time from continuously blocking me from the head.


While you're at it, explain how I hated the low frequency sound from yesterday and she thought it was fun. (Actually pretty easy; I pretty much don't like sound at all for some reason.)

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Guest Anonymous

I have no idea how most of everything involved with thoughtforms or tulpas works for sure. LOL I was just hoping you had something amazingly scientific. It was a forlorn hope. It was always a forlorn hope. Well I am glad the headache didn't last. Why all the blocking and seizing control and stuff? You are giving Melian dangerous ideas!

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This stuff is very useful to strengthening presence, personality and independence, so we will keep hammering away at different states of consciousness until we run out of permutations that we can think of.


I can say that usually it is the other way around. Usually, she gets headaches that I don't experience. I can see them by looking in her mind, but I am not bothered by them. They might as well not exist if I can't look into her mind. I imagine this is more believable for you.


Well, the reverse happened. I got one and she didn't. Probably induced by the fact that I was squeezed pretty tight, when she claimed all her faculties pretty tight. I am used to leaning on those to help me think. As a side effect, she could no longer see my thoughts or feel my emotions.


When we reversed the process, she got my headache. Headaches tend to persist a bit after the cause disappears. Unlike my hypothetical personal memories, which proof of us eludes.

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Guest Anonymous

People have asked sometimes if Melian feels pain or discomfort when I get hurt or sick. She doesn't really. She is effected emotionally by it and gets grouchy. But I think the only reason she doesn't feel pain is that I am associated with the body and she is not. She is aware of the pain, but as Melian, she is not directly linked to the body. I don't know how else to explain it. She also doesn't usually feel sleepy when I do, she again just gets grouchy if I am sleepy and groggy. She does however get drunk when I do, which is always fun.


Melian has never had a real headache or any kind of real pain. That is fascinating because we are blended and supposedly she is more closely linked to my mind that a tulpa would be. Yet a tulpa feels pain where she does not? It really shows how convoluted the whole world of thoughtforms is and how many different situations and paradigms you can have.

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We don't feel the physical senses personally when we aren't controlling the body. It'd just be emotional here, too. We're aware of them of course, but not immediately affected. When Lumi was having his wisdom teeth out, not totally numb because he isn't affected much by most drugs and not realizing it wasn't supposed to hurt, he talked to Flan a bit at some point. She obviously wasn't in pain herself, but she was definitely more distressed than he was. Which admittedly isn't saying much. We have very good pain tolerance, and we're not too bad at dissociating from things mentally either. But yeah. Very separate. Hard to explain how we can know what the body is feeling but not "be feeling it ourselves", I guess. We just aren't connected to the physical body.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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We don't think that headaches are physical pain. I can't feel physical pain directly when not controlling the body. Well, I can induce illusory pain. But, um, we don't see a barrier preventing us from getting headaches outside the body. I even think it happened to her once early on. But my memory is foggy. Probably she was attempting sustained out of body experience.


As evidence, we note that the site of the pain on the head can be moved around through force of will. As she has done it, we also know it is possible to convert a headache into sweating. She did that a few times long ago. Some types of headaches cannot be manipulated in this way, notably headaches due to cold wind on the ears.


I would like to point out that I experience the world through her senses, even when outside the body.

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Hmm, where should I post this? Here looks good.


Ways in which we are different:

  • He is more outgoing than I. He actually likes that we have online friends. And for him, it's not just proving to myself that I can have a social life.
  • I am random in my thoughts and movements. He is rhythmic in his thoughts and movements. You could run a train on how he paces his paragraphs.
  • He gets extremely emotional for brief periods. Let me tell you, crying when you are not sad at all feels really weird.
  • He actually gets nightmares.
  • He gets lots more intrusive thoughts than I do.
  • My tone of voice is all over the place and whiny. He speaks in this beautiful deadpan.
  • He thinks you should apologise for things you are not responsible for, and feel guilt and sadness when others suffer.
  • His reading comprehension is lower.
  • He couldn't properly put together a reasoned argument to save his life. (Well, maybe a little.)
  • He notices bad acting on TV and in movies.
  • He's not blunt.
  • He has the energy to get out of bed in the morning.
  • He actually likes chores and housework.
  • He cuts vegetables faster and more precisely. (WTF)
  • He is worse at algebra than I am. (Practise silly head.)
  • He likes my body. :(
  • He likes controlling my body.
  • His libido is hyperactive.
  • He is less clumsy.
  • He is disciplined and serious.
  • He worries about both of us. I don't worry about either of us. (Have some faith.)
  • He does not obsess over how he imagines other people think about him.
  • He is not a fan of My Little Pony. (Although he still thinks it is okay.)
  • He wants to spend a lot of time cuddling. And sweet talking. He is very clingy.
  • He is ambidextrous, possibly right handed.
  • He is not as keen on my philosophy of extreme open mindedness and scepticism. Or my philosophy of the absolute truth that is math. Or my philosophy to trust no one, but have faith in everyone.
  • His internal voice is really dirty and sweary.
  • He believes bad thoughts should sometimes be sensored.
  • He likes giving backrubs and massages.
  • He likes to think about himself. (Actually, I like to think about him too.)
  • He hates music even more than me. He especially hates vocals even more than me.
  • His hypersensitivity to sound is worse, but his hypersensitivity to light is better.
  • He is not a fan of tellevision or video games. (He hasn't once felt an urge to play tower defence.)
  • The things he says are actually funny.
  • He thinks my mortal hatred of mosquitoes is silly.

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