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Visualization or Obsession?

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But if there's one thing I should do: MUTHA FUGGING FOCUS ON PERSONALITY! I already posted the imgur album which contains part of my book, and most of my personality related stuff.


Only PART?!

yes, i would say this is definitely leaning towards unhealthy. May i sugest doing an oc? nothing specific, but maybe one with similar look /role/whateveryoulikeabouther.gif

For Science!


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people will think your weird if they find out. Just force in wonderland more often and make a greater effort to add detail and vividness to your tulpa.


otherwise I recommend you stop doing this purely on the grounds that it's weird, and people IRL will say stuff.

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Guest Anonymous

Holy flipping hell.


This thread was made in May. That's 8 fucking months. Perhaps if you gave a shit about my progress report, you'd know shit has changed. Holy fuck wrath.

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I don't see any threat in your little, cute obsession. Just don't allow form to overtake personality. Don't make puppet.


OK I know this topic is WAY closed and over now, but I wanted to add something a little more refreshing than the majority of these posts.


First of all, this guy got it right--just don't allow form to overtake personality. This can easily happen if you don't pay attention. Just stay aware that she is (or was) a TULPA and not a character or servitor (unless you want her to be).


Let me say one thing: It is OK to like your tulpa. It is OK to REALLY REALLY like your tulpa. After all, it is something you put HOURS of work and concentration into, and they are there to be your friend and to exist. OK? OK.


There IS a such thing as too much. For instance, focusing your entire life around your tulpa is a bad idea. A BAD idea. This is true of ANYTHING. HOWEVER. It is OK to have several days at a time where one thing is your primary focus. This is called a phase and that is perfectly healthy. in fact, that is the only way to get anything done--by focusing on one thing for at least a few days. So that is OK too. Also it is OK to have things such as wallpapers that remind you of things you like. Even if it is the same thing for a long time. It is also OK to make a plush if you want, too. I don't see how that is any different from any other kind of plush or object that you have or make for fun.


I think your first mistake was even suggesting that this was an obsession. You basically made a kind of zombie tulpa just by putting it out there, you know what I mean? By suggesting it, it was out there for people to latch on to. And that's what happened in this thread and was a complete disaster. Secondly, there was a HUGE amount of unnecessary rudeness going on in this thread, no one excluded. I'm sure I'm being rude right now as well by talking about this.


Anyway. Way to go everyone for destroying someone's thoughtform. Fortunately it is all mostly repairable. You just need to decide what is right for YOU in this case. While maintaining two things: if you are making a tulpa, follow what the guy I quoted above said and don't let form take over personality. And two, don't let it take over your life for extremely excessive amounts of time....like ALWAYS, or A YEAR STRAIGHT. You get the idea. That is not healthy in any way.


So. Everything will be OK.

I'm Alanna, Domnopalus' host. Dom always speaks in brackets []


Tulpa: Domnopalus ||

Form (I am the artist) || WL: Bald cypress swamp. || Progress Report

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