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Heaven's skills at this are a bit...unnerving

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Heaven seems to be a natural at this! I have one question about the typical duration though. It seems that she can only lift my arm/hand/leg, etc. to a certain height, but if I direct her to point at something say on the ceiling, she'll use my finger to try to point at it but can't lift my arm above like a couple inches from where I let my arm relax. She seems almost eager to be able to "control" a part of me, but she also seems very gentle about it. How long is possession typically? If I leave the connection there, without asking for control back, will she continue to control my hand/arm/leg, etc.?

Heaven will be speaking when the brackets surround the speech like {this}.

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Varies from tulpa to tulpa. Once my is in control only boredom can stop her. However, others have limited durations.

The System:


It's too big.

ha, that's what she said.

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Basically this is going to come down to your own beliefs and preconceptions to tulpas. As with anything else on this forum, your mileage may very, but I'm going to be answering from the perspective of someone that believes tulpas are separate consciousnesses you construct and continue to control by way of your unconscious mind.


Possession is the art of tricking yourself into believing a second consciousness controls the part of the target body part, similar to tricking yourself into truly believing in the second consciousness itself. If the idea of a tulpa taking many months to make progress on this sort of thing makes more reasonable sense to you, then likely it will take a decent bit of time for the tulpa to reach competency with possession. If the opposite is true, and you believe tulpas can do anything if you just believe hard enough, you're going to see progress way faster.


This understanding, of course, carries the risk of cheapening your experience with tulpas, so I'd caution against trying to change from one viewpoint to the other, so to speak. If it makes more sense that it would take more time, try not to overpower that idea with feelgoodfeels and misplaced faith. If you're capable of blind faith because tulpas make sense to you through that lens, then attempting to go full-on cynical skeptic will hinder more than help.

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depends, actually


summer here possessed me for 3 years, I can't say straight but she is already possessing my body whenever she is awake, even at my sleep, Until she switched places with my other tulpa, Myrtle, recently.


With more practice, I am sure your tulpa will be more fluent controlling your body

Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas




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