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Clara, Alice, and Trent: The Sesquipesquad

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I'll put progress stuff here in the future, along with inputs from all of us peeps.


Right now the current thing is imposition and trying to get Alice imposed really well. I had a random from-nowhere, VERY strong desire to do so. I'm kinda imposing her at my side, but it's more by presence. I can still kinda feel her, and it's nice. 


I'll probably post things here as they pop up, any stuff is welcomed. I'm bad at typing things out from a standstill, I might add to this as time goes on.


Ah well, some more elaboration I guess. Right now I'm having issues staying in reality, or wanting to. I feel inferior to both of them in a multitude of ways, and things got to a point of what I would call a fetishization for self-destruction on my end. Don't really know where I am now, but I trod along regardless. Therapy meeting tomorrow, I'll switch with Alice and have her talk about stuff. She knows about the concept but little more.

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Oh, well, feelings of inferiority are a bad reason to seek self destruction. I do understand that they are unpleasant for sure. Hope to hear more.


Ello, fellow discordian.


I feel like the inferiority and the self-destruction shit are both coming from somewhere, problem is I have no idea where. Anyway, I've been feeling a lot of "nothing is real", "everything is disassociated" shit recently, nothing feels comfortable or right at all, ever.

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K: I would say try to figure it out, whether that's coming from you or if its something outside that's bothering you. Trust me, it's more fun to live life.

C: Hi! ^.^

[hidden]Kelly (K: )

Sam (S: )

Clara (C: )

Jessi (Jess: )

Eva (E: )

Jackie (Jack: )

Jade (Jade: )

Destiny (D : or Desti: )

 Altru (A: )


Mute (M: )




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