[Game] Getting acquainted

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Brain hacking, obviously. Imagine having a lucid psychosis or something with no struggle. Hallucinate at will, make a whole population of tulpas in a wonderland like earth without letting them know what lies beyond their "universe". Oh! Hivemind theory!


What's the funniest thing you can remember? 

Hi! I'm one of the most active fronters of Unicorn Cavalry. I like timey wimey stuff and blue boxes. Make it timey wimey blue box stuff and we're set to explore all time, forum and space!

My system mates on here: Kurisutina, Udongein, Xarbern

Cbox, the chill chat room

Our Journey (Messy PR)

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No one could think of anything so they asked me... I'll say, there were some pretty good Ranger quotes, but hm...Srn too... probably Dashie when she couldn't decide what to do for her Christmas avatar and B just said, 'this is going to have to be good enough.' Dashie was expecting a new drawing of herself on an ice throne.


[bear] She was a cutie little pouter.


Most endeering in-system moment?

I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.

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That time when one of my thoughtforms allowed me to rest my head on her lap when I was feeling a bit weepy. I felt so warm and loved by her!


- AJ [the host]




Do you like swimming?

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If you mean by using the body, no.


What’s your favourite animal?

Someone System: Rouge, Damien, Val, Spark, Jade, Mercedes, Azure, Torea, Dusk, Artemis, Celeste, Kaffryn, Chloe, Lilly, Coal,

Lurkers: Evelyn, Lemon, Lyric, Ninja, Snowy, Vanessa

[PR] [Chat] [Ask Someone] [Don’t Release the Manatee]


“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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